Turn The Page


Working for a new company full time means sometimes I have to let go
of some of the old companies and this is what I had to do.

Saturday was my last time to do the magazines in 3 stores which I was doing
on a regular basis and I have developed a relationship with the people
whom work in this one store which I never had worked in before.

The lady on the right is Lianne.. Lianne works in the meat department with Mr.Cranky
I know her family for many years however, only met
her during my time working in the store and was happy to see her each Saturday and
having laughs with her and also knowing her husband was my old mechanic and now
my current one. I will miss her smiles and early A.M. greetings .

The man in the middle is the store manager, George.. he has the best sense of humor
and the greatest managerial skills I have yet to find. We had many laughs and it made me
sad to tell him I wouldn't be doing the magazines any longer.

The man on the right Tom, he is acting manager when George isn't present which is quite
often in my book 😀 got ya George.. I love to pick on Tom as he is busy doing his ordering
and hates to check in and out the books. Teasing him is very easy and I will miss this part
of my day also.

I have developed a great realationship with various vendors whom deliver goods such as bread, milk, cakes, soda.. they too will be missed and I know for one I will be missed as I saw his face when George told him it was my last time in. 😦 sorry my friend.

Every job has to have the person to pick on.. This is Dave.. the picked on. 🙂
Dave can take it and often will return with some picking of his own however, not to often.
I feel he will learn to retaliate very soon..

Dave posed for me to take his photo in the stock room with my cell phone. This day a few weeks ago I was running around taking photos with my phone of Dave and Tom working we had many laughs over doing this and I told them also they will be posted in my blog.. Thanks guys.

Never did I expect to be accepted as a part of their "Family" and how easy they accepted me
and looked forward for my Saturday working with them and I too looked forward in seeing them
and spending 2 or 3 hours each week with a great bunch of people..

Each new Chapter has many pages and to create a new chapter we must like it or not…
"Turn The Page"

My life is so much richer now because of the people of this store
and the guidance and love I received in return for many hours of laughing and sharing.

I will be back my friends not working however, shopping since the store is only 4 miles
from my house . < I can hear them now.. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO haha>

I love you all,

3 thoughts on “Turn The Page

  1. Fati,Nice pics. And the descriptions made me wonder about them talking and laughing. It's always the best to have a good and fun environment at work!Love,Dan

  2. HI Dan,I try to enjoy my work and find laughter in any situation and this store and the people in it have the best sense of humor and it gave me excitement to get out and work 6 days a week knowing that on Saturdays I will have a BALL :)I have enlightened them as well and this too brings me much joy ;)Thanks for reading Dan it's been a while :heart:

  3. Hi Michael,Yes you too have gone thru some changes in your job and you do know what I feellife is full of changes and we must go with the flow like it or not sometimes boooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooore miss ya too

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