Rachel Song

Rachel Song

She was born from love and with love from all whom know her.

Starting from seed to a small bud and then blossoming
Into a brillant flower, Rachel became Rachel.

Rachel touched the hearts of many and yet leaves holes
In those hearts she has dwelled in all her life.

When Rachel would look at you, it was your heart that would melt
And yet your soul would never forget the eyes which wanted more
from you than just "hello."

Rachel had some disabilities when born .. Which only made her more
Angelic and giving. Her heart was as big as the sky and endless as
The deepest well.

Today, March 4th, she turns 40, it’s hard to believe my baby girl whom was the life
Force always in my life is now 40.

When I think of Rachel I still see her as a small child running around in her little walker
And hearing her laughs and playing with the cats as she loved to chase them in her
Little chair.

I love you my daughter from before you were born, and beyond the stars.

Happy 40th Birthday my Angel and may your day be filled with fond memories
And longings of better tomorrows.

With all my love,


10 thoughts on “Rachel Song

  1. A huge thanks goes out to my dearest friend, Amir < Qbone> he sent me the song kmowing how much I would love it and also it's my daughters name.. :heart: @ Qbone

  2. Hiya Fatimah πŸ™‚ Beautiful post my friend :heart: It's so lovely to come by and see you. My 1st friend here at my opera back in 2006 :heart:Sorry i'm late Rachel, happy birthday :hat:

  3. Hi Henry,today was a good day I had a meeting all day long so it was nice to have a break from work :)Hope your days are full of love and sunshine.:heart:

  4. :cool:May you get many hours rest from work :up:

    Hope your days are full of love and sunshine….thankyou..;)

    Have a wonderful weekend Fatimah :heart: ;)ot…beautiful page design, i love it!! πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Henry,Thank you for your wishes they are the same as mine :)Dr Launch has been working hard for my blog designand he deserves all the credit.. Take care and enjoy your time :heart:Fatimah

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