Farewell Natasha You Shall be Remembered

Echos of a Fallen Dream

Liam and family has a home not far from where I live and I had the pleasure
of having dinner at the same location at the same time with him
and his family..

I am doing this post in respect and honor to Liam and his beloved wife Natasha.

With love,

Walter de la Mare

Here lies a most beautiful lady,
Light of step and heart was she:
I think she was the most beautiful lady
That ever was in the West Country.
But beauty vanishes; beauty passes;
However rare, rare it be;
And when I crumble who shall remember
This lady of the West Country?


3 thoughts on “Farewell Natasha You Shall be Remembered

  1. Natasha was burried on Sunday in the country town of Millbrook New York where the familyhad their country home. She must have loved this area so much since they havehomes in other locations.

  2. Hi Fati:That's a shame. I know it's ridiculous, but somehow, it's always strange to me when a Hollywood person gets sick or dies. It's silly, but I guess I sort of think of them as immortal.-David

  3. HI David,I know what you mean we want them to live forever as they do in their films.They were a great couple and to think Liam burried her here in the small town of Millbrook she really must have loved this area.Thanks for reading and sharing

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