A Year Ago

And Winter Came

It's been a year since Vincent, my eldest son has passed away.
Today I post this song by Enya which was one of his most favorite artist in hope somehow he will hear it and know we are all thinking of him.

It's been a hard year for his family who misses his "LIGHT" as does all his friends whom loved him so very much.

Sometimes a death of a family member bonds the family strong than ever before however, his death did not do this in my family, sorry to say my son, your did your best I am sure and only God knows one day we will all be close once more and then you can smile.. Job well done.

A winter came and it was so empty knowing you were not enjoying the
holidays and those close to you were minus one at their tables
and parties.. Vinny, you left a hole in all our hearts, I am sure
you know this.

Your voice and laughter is missed and the look you always had in your eyes is really missed as it showed the deepest part of your soul which was endless and so pure it blinded anyone who looked deep enough.

Thank you for the dreams you have sent to me and Robert and Diane, it was wonderful to feel you again and to know you are missing us too.

Keep them coming and keep the connection open, we look forward to hear from you more.

Missing and loving you still,


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