A Walk with Li

Over the weekend my beloved friend, Li wrote to me and sent
me many photos of his new university and a song preformed
at this school as well.
I put them all together and made this video and WOW
it come out really nice.
Li's new photo is included.. he looks so happy and proud
as he should be .. he studies very hard.

Please enjoy this walk with Li in China ..

with love,

13 thoughts on “A Walk with Li

  1. The pictures are beautiful and that was so nice of you to put them together for him. 🙂 Congrats to your friend for his studies.

  2. Congratulate, Li for making it into what looks like a great university. What's his major? I'm not sure if it's the beautiful trees and flowers or the unique, fine architecture, but the college looks different then an American one. It's quite something!

  3. Hi all,Thanks for viewing my video. it came out so greatand I sent it to Li however, I haven't heard back from himyet. bad boy lol. Li is speical to me and he inspiresmy thoughts all the time when he sends me photos. David did you notice how clean the place was not like in USA they don't groom campus as much as China does I guess. His major not sure he was teaching in his last univesity and also studying there .. He wants to be a professor unless he changed his mind . he was teaching computer labs now he isn't working just studying full time.

  4. What city is it in or near, Fati ? I always like to get an idea of geographic location if I can.While the montage is cunning, the sound track is a standout. My school song sounded nothing like that! ( vulgar, too )

  5. Hi Olde,I have the name in the ending creditsI can't remember where I have the informationI looked back into Li emails he wrote meand I think its in his photos but I know I placedthe location in the ending credits.thank you for viewing my video and I know what you meanmy school song was horrid as well lol

  6. yes the privilege is high in their minds I guess not all get to go? Hi Sarah I know he will reply when he has the timeI have his phone number and I sms him but he is 12 hrs aheadand now it's 2pm here and 2 am there 😦

  7. Z You get my drift. Neither Russia nor China were ever 'communist' governments – any more than 'western' governments are democracies.Take a look at some of the political systems entries in Wikipedia some time. Class 'warfare' means haves and have-nots.

  8. yes I know I lived in Egypt for a while and there it's differnt the streets are dirty full of garbage no repect for their living areas or country.

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