The Day After Peace

I saw this on Youtube and had to share it with the world.

I hope you take the time to view this full length documentary and let it absorb into your mind and heart.

This video gives so much to think about and what actions
should we use to get this word out and turn this mans dream
into a reality..

Join me in doing so please.

Enjoy with love,

17 thoughts on “The Day After Peace

  1. well you know Ill be watchin this tomorrow! Id better bring my tissues….I think its your mission to turn me constantly sappy! lol 😥 :p 😀

  2. It's an awsome doc. and Im so glad you post things like that ! I was talking about it today at school and nobody had even heard about Sept.21 Peace day! I was proud to spread the word!

  3. Done watching it….an awesome vision from a man that won't take defeat as an option….salute for Jeremy and for u Fatima for sharing it with us….. :)I'm glad I've watch it, cos it also strengthen my believe that every dream counts

  4. Well said my friend! It was and amazing journey and we were lucky that he put it all on film to share with us! And that he should have such a BIG DREAM ,and face such insurmountable (look that one up if you dont know it hahaha) odds makes it even more amazing ! Fati, we want more more more!:yes: :yes: :heart:

  5. Hi again,thanks for taking the time to view it I shall do it todaynow that I am off :)I had a feeling there wasn't to much info about this showthe media likes to talk about horrors not peaceful storiesand I wonder if Oprah knows of it.. This would be one showshe might like to talk about :)Thanks all for your feedback and spreading the word..:heart:

  6. my pleasure ! anything to help …..I think the world would accept peace,its our governments that propogate violence ! :furious:

  7. Fati lets start a lovolution !( I just made up that word…. ) and maybe it will catch on! It could take a while but good things come to those who wait ,look at peace day !

  8. I watched this vid on YouTube yesterday and it really got me to thinking. Luckily I am living in a peaceful country and Sept. 21 was just a normal day to me. I even didn't know what it was. I hadn't realized that a simple day to a person may be the most important day to millions of people. Thanks to this vid, I've learned many life lessons!! Wishing there would be no wars in this world!! Thank you for sharing such a fantastic doc!! 🙂

  9. Hi Ductran,thank you for taking the time to view this videoand to let it go deep into your being.if everyone would allow the "LIGHT" to enterthere would be no "DARKNESS"thank you for sharing also

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