18 thoughts on “Rescue Ink

  1. hey Fati, we should join those guy's….could you imagine them comin after you…..Id be scared to death! And the big guy with the baby kitten…..omg that was soooooo sweet! I am def. gonna have to watch that show! 😀 :love:

  2. I know what you mean I lived in Brooklyn most of my lifeand when I hear these guys talk it brings back memoriesof the guys I use to hang with :DI love warm and fuzzy don't you? I have it set to watch each week.. they don't take any crap!:yes:

  3. that's for sure.. anything they say OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK :)the first show some Russian guy got them upset .. I was holding my breath they wouldn't beat him to a pulp lol

  4. who 'd wanna give a bunch of vikings like that any crap! maybe a dummass with a deathwish, hahahaha At least we kno their good guys !

  5. I like reality shows like that , and theyre doing such a good thing.I ll def. have to watch that one.U ever watch ghost hunters? i LOVE that show !

  6. oooh me too ! when I was a kid we lived in a haunted house…i saw a ghost in our basement and my sis used to say they talked to her.I went back to the house last year and the people who live there now say Its still haunted.creepy huh !

  7. yes very Imagine .. peeing and seeing a man looking at you in a mirror :yikes:I know if I closed the door I wouldn't see him looking at me LMAO

  8. I saw a man in the basement , I went down to shower and when I was done I walked by the room that had the water heater in it and I saw the shadow of a man standing next to the heater.I startd screaming and ran upstairs and the only person in the house with me was my bro.and he was sleeping on the couch ! I never EVER went back to the basement !

  9. oh gosh I know how frightful that is. I rented a few house where in each house a man diedone man was the one I saw in the mirror and the otherhouse always had a cigar smell in one room and when I askedthe owner she said it was her dead husbands favorite room 😀

  10. ooooooooh ! spooky ! they say that spirits are everywhere around us,I guess thats why Im so facinated by the supernatural and ghost sightings .

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