National Geographic TV

There wasn't anything good on tv Saturday
night so I started to watch Natgeotv.

I didn't think I would spend the evening crying
from all the love pouring out from animals and
the people loving them so much.

Here is a taste of what I watched in a new show called
"unlikely animal friends"

Is SAPPY contagious

18 thoughts on “National Geographic TV

  1. hahahah thanks Fati! yes sappy is contaigious ! The animals on here are amazing……. you always find the coolest stuff to share with everyone! hugs!:heart: 🙂 :heart:

  2. then I am Sappy lol thanks for enjoying the videos I place here.I try to find things which you don't see everydayand some don't go on youtube so I bring youtube to them.Hugs with love:heart:

  3. lucky us ! you should throw some supernatural stuff in the mix….I want to nominate you for member of the week….hmmmmmmmm HEY OPERA , YOU HEAR THAT ! lol

  4. BOO ! I want to learn bow to imbed stuff into my posts so I can do a scary blog ! something creepy and ooky spookey ! Im gonna practice at school and learn how. how was your day Queen Fatimah ?

  5. thanks Cat I was mamber of the week a long time ago when they started that .. there are so many who deserve itthanks for the thought yes throw some supernatural into the mix.. scare the crap out of me too 😀

  6. where are you going to embedd it from?if it's like youtube you just copy and paste the code.My day was stressfull I had to sleep over at the hotel which was great but I woke up early and left for the road at 6am and then got to one of my stores who is having reset and now I have to drive all the way back tomorrow to set my product up which I don't have enough and will have to order more and then go back next week all the way back over 2.5 hrs one way to do the rest of it and then try to complete my other stores .. NOT GONA HAPPEN for the others LOL

  7. Poor me. I lost all the cool stuff. Couldn't hear the musics n watch the videos. 😦 N u have great posts fati with unique n amazing videos :up:

  8. Yes. I have. But they don't have an internet connection..Btw..i've download your song on surprise b day post into my phone. Nice song with ta da da da ta da ta. Never hear it before but it sounds happy.. :yes:

  9. Hi Fethi,the videos are from youtube all you have to do is click to play them you don't download or open them. it might be your browswer that is blocking it?

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