A Birthday Surprise

My Time Flys

I just got home today and was trying to unpack my bag and get the boxes which were in front of my door into my apartment.

I finally got all the boxes inside and unpacked my bag and I hear a tap on the door ..

I couldn't understand who might be at my door and it was my sister.
She had a surprise for me from her son Robb..

Tomorrow is my birthday and he ordered some flowers for me and she picked them up and delivered them to save time and money since I am not home when they usually bring flowers.

A nice surprise after a horrid day ..

Happy Birthday Sept 30th.

Thanks for reading,


34 thoughts on “A Birthday Surprise

  1. Hi Everyone thank you so so much for all the cards and cakesand wishes.. I love them all. Sis you are so funny just remember you are 12 hrs ahead of USA. Cat thanks so much for the birthday voice message I was so happy to hear you sing 🙂 it was very thoughtful. Eye,, thanks for your wishes too nice to see you here. Hi Q, nice to see you are still alive lol.Hi T.. as always you say the sweetest words. thank you for your wishes if only I had dreams to come true now :(Love to all,Fatimah

  2. Yes sis. You are right :doh:have u said your wishes n pray for them? Wish God make them come true. Keep hoping :up: We always here for u sis.. :love:cathy can sing n i can whistle for u :whistle: (if it sounds :p )

  3. Lol :yes: where is my instrument? :left: :right: :doh: i forgot. i can't play any.. :ko: :whistle: Just make some noise :hat::eyes: almost midnight there. I should quite :zip:how did u know my nick name cathy? My friends always call me suke 😀

  4. you two are so funny together thanks for always giving me smiles at the end of my days.I had a quiet birthday had some icecream aloneand did some texting with my daughter which was nice.love you bothFatimah

  5. My pleasure sis.. :flirt:Oww. I am sorry to heard that. I wish we can come to your place, cheers up :hat: :cheers: your special day, maybe cook some for u n ask for the ice cream. I need them in my summer time..here..Your daugther sounds nice.. 😀

  6. Sorry 4late!ღ♥ღ Happy Birthday 2U ღ♥ღOk! Let’s us enjoy the party!! :hat: :cheers: :drunk: :yes: Sept 30th. I will remember that date!

  7. At least I have texting 😀 right CAT? Its nice to be able to have my daughter and friends at the touch of a button, I don;t feel so alone this way. Sis you are going into summer now? I guess you are like Aussie they are flipped seasons with USA 😦

  8. you are so funny :Dnow I understand more anyone under the equator line is flipped with my seasonsgo get a nice tall glass of water :cheers:

  9. I'll take a hot chocolate please…..lots of whipped cream with a splash of peppermint schnapps…..Its cold in MIN E SOTA ! brrrrrrrrr :coffee: :drunk:

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