Where Did You Come From?

Echos of a Fallen Dream

Where did you come from?
Was it Canada, or maybe
Northern New York State or Vermont?
How old were you.. 1 or 2 maybe 3 years old?
What was your weight.. 100 or 150 pounds?
Did you have a family where they looking for you?

I looked at you and wondered all these questions.
Wondering what you have seen during your short years
and what life you have lived on your journey.

Never did I think I would find you today right in front of me. You couldn't see me shed tears for you
wishing I could see your eyes with the beauty you have seen and smelled and tasted.

Please know I love you even if we never met, just knowing you have worked so hard to keep life inside you and to give back to Nature all she has given to you.
I love you.

I am sorry that humans and wild life sometimes meet under raw circumstances.. No one wanted your life to end in this manner.. This I am sure of.

Your image would not leave my mind today and will never leave my heart.. The sight of you laying there on the side of the highway was one vision I hope never to see again.
Rest in peace my gentle giant, may God hold you in his grace.

With love,
A caring Human

23 thoughts on “Where Did You Come From?

  1. the bear I saw today was beautiful however, ripped apart :(.. I think a truck hit it as it was foggy the night before.. nature and cars are a deadly mixture.I have never seen a bear on the side of the roadand it hurts me to know how many more will end this way now that they are more populated in areas where they were not previously.

  2. Aww…man!.:(. That's so sad..I thought we have to more carefully..Did you took the pic?:eyes:Anyway..Thanks for the mp3..I just download it to my cell..fatimah.:yes:

  3. oh Fati,thats just heartbreaking ! here its deer,you see all kinds of them dead on the roadside…It kind of boggles the mind that a bear could meet such a terrible fate ! How wonderful that you care enuf to say a prayer,and it will bring more ppls attention to the fact that they need to be more careful and aware to nature and wildlife.Thank you for sharing…and brother bear…rest in peace.

  4. Hi.. I'm just fine..thanks for asking..:Dand you?Anyway,I Feel sorry to see this pic..:(actually i never saw the real one walking on the street but the zoo.. But i love animals a lot..:love:

  5. 😦 your words really touching sis. We may often look many animal hit on the road. I've seen cats, dogs even snakes hit by the cars here. Maybe the drivers didn't look them but they should drive carefully.The music sounds great. Sounds sad.I love brother bear movie too. They really cute. Can't imagine you have to saw a ripped one.. Sis. 😦 it must be heartbreaking..

  6. to see an animal,no matter what kind,dead because of mans progress ,well ,its a very sad thing.Soon there will be no place safe for the wild animals to roam free…

  7. yes it a good thing that we have protected areas for wild animals….but its their instincts to wander….200 years ago america was a wild and untaimed land…some animals arer even extinct and can never been seen again! Its like that all over the world! but as long as we all care and do what we can,theres hope! ok ill stop preachin now lol how are all my fave dulz today? wonderful I hope

  8. Yes, this was very heart-rending. We certainly aren't the caretakers we should be. I wonder if when we talk about a "reverence for life" we are only thinking of ourselves.

  9. Hi all,Thank you for reading and caring enough as myself to love wildlife and cherish all that lives on our Earth.Yes we are caretakers and yet sometimes the wildlifedoesn't know how to react to the cars :(Sometimes I wish for horse and buggy

  10. It wouldnt be so bad to switch back to horse and buggy….but I doubt THAT will ever happen. Fati, i read your post to david and showed him the picture,he said it was sad also.Drake read it on his own…wanted to see the bear more than anything else I think…at 8 he's pretty curious about death and things of that nature.

  11. Hi Cat thanks for sharing my post with your family it means so much to me to have you take the time ehich I know is precious yes kids always like to see things to get the full effect

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