Precious.. The Movie

I was watching Oprah the other day and she had on Monique the star of this movie Precious

The movie is getting rave reviews and all very well deserved.
Mariah Carey is also in this movie and she too will probably receive
an Oscar Nomination.

This movie is based on the book,"Push"
The book had great reviews and now the movie..

Here is the trailer for this film and remember the names
I am sure they will all be nominated.

Enjoy and feel the emotions.


44 thoughts on “Precious.. The Movie

  1. Based a book? Who's the author? I love books.Didnt watched the trailer yet. I'll try to download it later :love:thanks for share us sis..

  2. I've save it and read it later. Thanks's your weekend :love:i meant wish u have a great weekend. I always forget the difference of time :doh:

  3. she isn't wearing any makeup too which is like WOWshe looks so differnt.So you are on a quest to find water.. you are so funny.did you bake anything?

  4. Really? Hmm. I guess it's not her first movie? Yeah it was so funny. We had rain this morning for 20 minutes. Hopely it will continue..Bake? No. But my mom fried bananas. Have u ever taste it? 🙂

  5. Not sure if it's her first movie but I am sureit won't be her last now :)it rained? wow did you catch any water? never had fried bananas I have heard of them .My grand daughter baked a nice coffee cake overthe weekend I had a slice when I went to visitthem on my way to grocery shop.

  6. Hi Sis I have had a horrid week of workand being upset and not feeling wellsorry for not getting on the pc I have been going to bed early and up early how are you ?

  7. Ive always enjoyed her movies..i wish shed do more acting..but the movies she backs are always good! Ill be rentin this movie 1st chance i get !

  8. I agree this movie will be the begining of a new road for Oprahher contract is up for her tv show maybe this is her newcalling in life.. producing movies

  9. wouldnt it be somethin lol ! we could revolutionize talk show ! What a hoot ,and we could have famous people like George Cloony OH And Johnny Depp ! hahahaha I love the idea !

  10. Lol i like it too :up:hi wonder my hand direct me to here cuz you've talked about handsome men loli am okay sis :flirt: just busy this lately..Hi u think i could offer the audition too? It would be excite too interview hot guys :yes: miss u all :heart:

  11. lets not forget my man Jason the driver lolOprah did announce her leaving but I heardshe is going to have her own cable networkso she will have her show on that 🙂 YAYYYHi sis I miss you like crazy 😀

  12. And of course Jason can be on our show ! As long as our hot guests come on NAKED hahahahahaha ! ooooh could you imagine !

  13. I had a wonderful weekend ! New moon rocks, wow some seriously hot guys without shirts ! lol ! i have a crush on a werewolf ! awwooooooo ! hahahahahah how was your weekend Suke? And Fati ! ? hope great !

  14. Hi girls.. had a nice weekend myself finally had some laughs and relaxing. wouldn't ask for morenot that I would get it anyway :DI have to see this movie now Cat… :DHi sis how are you today?

  15. Im glad to hear your taking some "you time" its important ! And yes…I would highly recommend seeing New Moon…hot men,good plot,entertaining….who could ask for anything more lol !

  16. I totally want to see that movie. I've seen the trailer months ago and had fell in love with it :happy: i am okay sis..Cat :flirt:my weekend was great and eid would come in two days :yes:

  17. Hi Cat and sis,I will SEE that movie now .. won't pass up HOT MEN :DHappy thanksgiving Cat. and sis to you too even if youdon't celebrate this holiday it's a USA one.You can be a part of it anyway.. come over for dinnerI am cooking turkey :Dlove yaFati

  18. Yummmmy ! Were going to a friends house tomorrow…Oh and my cyber hubby Johnny is SEXYIEST MAN ALIVE FOR THE 2nd TIME…..I read all about it at the dentist today ! Well ,everyone have a wonderful day tomorrow and TTFN !

  19. I think all our cyber husbands are SEXY.. that's why we married them :Dagain your read about my hot dentist? humm should I make an appointment for you too ?Sis wants to go to him also lolMy daughter goes to him every week I wonder what's up with that? LMAOHappy T day Cat

  20. Hahahahaha every week! She must have really bad teeth or a huge crush ! lol ! tHAt Johnny Depp article was good…in people magazine… you should check it out ! YUMMY ! well off i go to buy some donuts !

  21. I think you are right. she loves going there even todayshe said she knows what she is getting them for a Christmas present 🙂 also her teeth are getting whiter since she bought a great kit to whiten her teeth.. I will check out the article of Depp.. he is a hotty opps sorry forgot he is your cyber hubby :Dhave a great one my dear talk to you later:heart:

  22. Well..i guess Cat wouldn't mind if we just admire him..very much lol luv Cat :flirt:i never taste turkey so i really loved to come to your place sis…maybe u can drive me to your dentist too? 😆 miss u :love:have to wait for the new moon 😦

  23. Hi Sis.. I have a feeling you would enjoyturkey it's much better than chicken :)Of course I would love to have you come hereand we would both go get DRILLED :DNew Moon will be there soon I am hoping.:heart:

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