15 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to All

  1. Hi Suke…Im doing good,finally get a little time to myself…I had a big test earlier today and an art project due also…plus a dentist appt…..nothing as exciting as Fati's last dentist experience..LOL ! But Im doin good and glad to have some time off from school ! How are you? gOOD I hope ! did you see the comment I posted on your facebook page?LOL !

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Fati ! I love the pics…its nice to see someone show the truth behind the hype ! Hope you have a wonderfully delicious meal and spend your day surrounded by love ! Big hugs !:heart: :flirt: :heart:

  3. Hi All,thanks for the wishes I am nervous cooking todayI haven't cooked a huge turkey in almost 10 yearspray it wont be raw lol:heart:

  4. thanks againI am cooking the turkey and potatoesshe is cooking the green beans and of courseshe baked pumpkin pie and my sister is bringinggreat dinner rolls and she bought Juniors Cheese cakefor desert mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Have a wonderful day and give thanks we are all able to enjoy this day with food 🙂

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