So Thankful

Nothing Else Matters

Today I cooked my first turkey in many years
and shared a wonderful dinner with my daughter
and her 2 girls and her husband and my sister.

I am staying at the Heaven House and in this kitchen
there are 2 ovens. One is a full chefs range
the other is just a convection oven.

My daughter made all the vegetables except the
sweet potatoes with marshmallows.. I made those.

I used the large oven for the turkey which was
fantastic. The smaller over to reheat the vegetables
and wonderful dinner rolls which my sister brought.

I turned off the oven to put the rolls in since the vegetables
were heated and placed in the rolls..

As it turns out.. I did turn off the oven however, I turned the
knob over to BROIL!!!.. I almost burned the potatoes which had
shredded cheese on top.. BURNED !!!

We took out the dishes of vegetables and then the rolls almost caught
fire totally BURNED.. Good thing I had another pack of them 😀

I left in the sweet potatoes with marshmallows..

My granddaughter said she smelled something burning..
WOW.. she sure did the marshmallows were cremated.. totally
burned to where they were ashes.. the smoke filled the
house I had to open the sliding doors to the patio..

It took all this time to realize I had the BROILER ON DUHHHHH!!!

So you see I have so much to be thankful for today the dinner
came out wonderful and we had so many laughs at my mistakes
and not knowing where things were in this kitchen and how to
operate the ovens..

We sat down to this wonderful table of good food and most of all
good family time.

Photo taken with my daughters Blackberry..

Thank you for reading and I do hope your holiday
dinner was a lot smoother than mine was.

A day to remember for sure.

with love,

34 thoughts on “So Thankful

  1. You're welcome 😉 Where's your daughters by the way ? .:left: :whistle: :right: I can't see them ! .:DBut the Blackberry 😆

  2. she took the photo.. I made everyone wait to be seated so we can take a pic of the table.Her friends wanted to see the table too my photo is on my face book page she took it with my blackberry

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful day ( so you broiled the marshmallos and your buns hmmmmm no biggy ! ) in spite of the mishaps ! The important thing is you were with the ones you loved ! And how nice you could have it at heavens house, so much room and such a beautiful setting ! The table looks great ! Thanks for sharing…Ill check out facebook too ! Hi Risis…how are you ! big hugs to you both ! :chef: :hat:

  4. Hi Catthanks for seeing through the wackyness :Dyes having this house for this holiday is wonderfuland nice to have room for everyone to sit lollove ya

  5. I love such stories. I'm been there more than once. Do the best out of it and laugh. You certainly are a good mother and grandmother! Not the best chef today, but that doesn't matter taking all into account.

  6. Hi Just a friend,thank you for making me smile as I readyour comment.I have been out of touch with cookingsince I live alone and cook in microwavemostly.. I have cooked T day for over 30 yearshowever, in ovens which were mine.. this one was German I think and dials were levers I now know how to use them :DCrash courses always work.thank you for your visit and commentit warmed my heart

  7. Hi Alex,I am glad you had a great T day tooit's one day of the year that brings friends and family together most timesat the same table and yet sometimesonly in heart.

  8. Hi Sarah, I am sure your day was great with your large family and your children always full of fun.. thank you for all your wishes:heart:

  9. I am late again :(i guess no more foods?Hi are's so nice spend the great day with your lovely family…even you didnt made good with the foods 😀 miss u :love:hi's the committee? I hope u're doing great job? The Day getting closer.. :wait:hey dulz..on the time like always..luv u all :love:

  10. Hi SisThanks for the wishes I hope your weekend was a great one too we had snow on Saturday first of the season :(more to come 😦

  11. Its beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS ! WE have been having such cold weather BRR ! Good thing I gave long underwear and insulated boots lol ! Ho ho ho ladies and gents SAnta is coming soon !

  12. But then no white christmas sis?Hey..i watched on TV USA has snow early than it should and getting worse..did u ladies okay? I saw the cars crash eachother cuz you've got too much snow. I hope everything's okay? :worried: Luv u both :love:

  13. Hi sisthat was in Texas they usually don't have snowso they don't have tires on cars for the snowjust regular ones.Everything is ok here tonight they had a fire truck parade with all the trucks decorated in Christmas lightsit was so cool I wasn't outside to take photos :(love you my sis

  14. Its hard on the states that aren't use to snow…the winter months are gonna be hard ones this year ! HI SUke, Hi fati…..Its so cold rite now I watched a flock of geese get frozen in the pond across town , and they got so frustrated that they started all flapping their wings in unison and flew off with the pond ! So the geese are gone and so is the pond !

  15. Hi suke….we have a blizzard commin in in mn. Supposed to be 6 to8 inchesbof snow!!!! Brrrr its gonna be a long cold winter! Hi Fati..the geese story was a joke but I guess it didn't go over so well ! Lol ! :whistle: 😆

  16. I got over 4 inches today went to work late very pretty but scarey to drive in even with 4 wheel driveOh I didn't know it was a joke. I have been seeing many Geese during my travels

  17. It was 5 below zero this mornin…soooo cold ! Just be careful driving , ok ! In this weather its best to slow it down,but you know that ,huh !

  18. Hahahaha so true isn't it ! There are some pretty crazy drivers out there ! Its like you have to constantly watch out for the other guy !

  19. haha you two girls are so funnygrandma I don't think Cat will drive that way at any time :)Hope you both have a great weekendChristmas is soon to be here andthe malls are going to be WILD

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