26 thoughts on “League of Extrordinary Dancers

  1. Haahahaha Thanks Fati…as if I'm NOt already hooked on youtube….and the season is almost over for "dance" I think Russell will take it…I hope so.. Ill check out these new dancers and we can wipe off the drool together lol !

  2. They were a great team…and its nice to watch how so many of them have grown as dancers.I guess I like Russell so much cuz he had no real formal training and he's just as good,if not better than the ones that do ! Ill be sorry when its over ! 😥

  3. I know what you mean Russell has shocked all the judges and the audience as well.They will be back soon they were talking aboutthe next show.

  4. I watched some of the league vids….pretty hot whoot whoot …did you see the ones were they say the lead dancer is Michael Jacksons son…? Supposedly anyway.

  5. Hahaha Nigel was givin him a hard time askin if wardrobe ran out of money cuz he did 2 routines without a shirt..tonites the last nite to vote…I hope he wins !

  6. Whoot whoot for Russell and may he always go without a shirt mmmmmmyummy ! Hahahaha. It will be nice to see what happens next in his career, huh !

  7. Hahahahah Fati your a hoot ! Maybe its a good thing were so far apart, imagine all the trouble we'd get in if we were together ! We'd either end up in jail or on the news I just know it hahahaha. ROAR !

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