Oh Christmas Tree

And Winter Came

I spent the day Saturday with my daughter
out Christmas shopping and having many laughs.

Lunch was outstanding as was the new resturant

It was just built and was over loaded with people
and good food.

Durimg our ride out to the mall, Heahter was saying how she
goes to our HOT dentist weekly.. hummmmmmmm I said..

We had many laughs comparing notes on our DR Hotty..

She took a photo of their Christmas tree and here it is..

This office is the best for getting your teeth repaired
they are a fun bunch and always hungry for treats

Patients carrying gifts of food hummm I too have given
lots of candy and soon more ..

I can't think of a better place to be drilled

with love,

20 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree

  1. I will go to the dentist soon. I reall hope we can have that HOT dentist here T_____T . And for the Christmas ^^, I know it's too soon to say it but: Merry Christmas!I may not be here to say that to you when Christmas come, so… :p. In reply for your song, I have one, please enjoy our winter: http://my.opera.com/GrassNCloud/blog/show.dml/4728511(It's really pity that I wrote that article in Vietnamese 😦 But I believe with your imagination, you can feel it ^^)

  2. Hey awesome tree for a hot dentist lol..How are u sis and cat :love: i guess you ladies must be very busy..luv u :heart:hi everyone 🙂

  3. Hi FAti…finals week in school so I'm a bit overwhelmed with homework…but this too shall pass ! Lol ! Hope all is well with you, and your not overdoing with work ! Miss you !

  4. Hi all,thanks for all your viewing and drooling :DMy daughter said she feels the HOT dentist vibrating .. well his cell is on vibrate haha.Yes Cat.. I said DRILLED …………hahahahaSarah the Patatoe skins were mmmmmmmmmmHi sis,, I am so busy now with the candy company since it's the last week before Christmas and so much to get done in the stores and not much energy when I get home :(Hi GrassLoved the song it's beautiful

  5. We are sisters from different mothers ya kno ! Hahahaha. Hi Suke ! How are you ! Its a busy week for me..gotta do some homework so I can watch my fave DANCE ! LOVE YA GIRLS !

  6. Hi girls.. Russell won and we were counting on him to do so.I wonder what will happen to him now.. they don't say much Miss chatting with all our girls where is Risis??

  7. I guess they were too happy? :Dmaybe risis is busy. She plan to go to Jakarta this week to meet members of Indonesia. We have 2 meeting this month. Too bad i couldnt join them :(dance with them Cat :yes:luv u all :heart: have a great weekend and nice holidays 🙂

  8. Hi Sis,I was wondering why she hasn't said anything not even on FB.. I hope she has a nice flight and time over thereit would be nice for you to meet her too in personlove to you Sis take care and stay intouch :heart:

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