Snowy Looking for Santa

While having my coffee on Christmas morning
Snowy was enjoying the view out the window.

I took a photo of him doing this when he was tiny
and now he is full grown and looking for Santa I
had to take another one.. or two.

I then remembered to get his present out of the
closet and give it to him..

A large Squirrel with a Santa hat on for him
to wrestle with. Snowy just loves it.

Thanks for reading.

Fatimah and Snowy..

8 thoughts on “Snowy Looking for Santa

  1. Wow what a beautiful cat ! Perfect name for him,he's so white ! I've had my Midnight for close to 17 years now…he's all black, with a bit of grey mixed in ! Have. Nice day Fati !

  2. Hi Catthanks for viewing my babys pic he is a dolland important part of my days and nightsmidnight good name too for a black cat :)enjoyed your dinner? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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