The Fountain…………

I watched this movie last night due to Hugh Jackman
being in it..

I found it confusing and stunning specail effects.

I was wondering if anyone can share with me the concept
of this film.

My sister has seen it also and it confused her as well.

I love Clint Mansell who did the sound track..

check out this video it's amazing..

with love

9 thoughts on “The Fountain…………

  1. Seen it, didn't understand it either, although if I remember correctly, Jackmans character was in search of the fountain of eden, and thought he'd found it ??? Some thing like that anyway ! I almost rented it again, maybe I will just to see if I get it the 2nd time around. It was a beautifully made movie tho, I'll agree with that !

  2. yes he was always searching to the age cure so he would save his wife but in their bubble he was yelling at her to leave him alone.. very confusing with the back and forth future and back to the beginning

  3. let me know if you do rent it again I would liketo hear your view on it.My sister just told me that Adam is going to be on Oprah on Tuesday 😀 I have it set for tape :d:

  4. What do you mean, past,present and future? In the movie ? Sorry bout bein so brief earlier, I was at a Martin Luther King tribute at the college and they were starting to sing, so I had to log off lol, hey ill watch that Adam Lambert /Oprah show.. Sounds like it would be really interesting, hope he does somthing naughty lol !

  5. The movie WAS confusing, and maybe it's for the better as different people may take different things from it. As far as I understand, there was no past/future, only present. The "past" was the story she wrote, while the "future" could be the abstraction of what was happening in his head while he was trying to reconcile with his loss. The movie felt Buddhist with reincarnations and moving on to different planes of existence. It also felt a bit depressing as one could also say that all that was left of his wife was a tree with no feeling of her going to paradise. But like I said, different people may take different things from it. Personally, I liked it, it was beautifully done (and if you watched behind the scenes, the movie's existence was in question at some point as the original actor walked out on the director, it took many many years to finish it), but I would give it 3.5/5 stars for excessive abstractions and the feelings of loneliness.

  6. I agree with your view of this film,I downloaded the sound track and the song in this video"the Last man" shows me he was the last man in the protective bubble and the tree being the last alsoand he was still looking for the fountain of youthI guess .. I was amazed in the special effects reallymade me feel calm and peaceful so well done

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