What Was He Thinking ?

Calm Winds

I took this photo on Easter Sunday..
I had a nice quiet day at home sharing my time finally
with Snowy..

The evening was calm and warm so I had the window open
and the smell of the fresh spring air was calming..

Snowy was very happy to have Mom home finally all day long..
My window faces the side yard and at night the crows come
to eat the worms.. Snowy loves to watch them but…

What was he thinking?

I just realized Snowy was laying in the same manner as
Spartacus was in the TV LOL.. Genius my boy is… lol

With Love,


5 thoughts on “What Was He Thinking ?

  1. I can see him again ^^. And he's deep into the movie 😆 . Hm…what was he thingking, I wonder…Thank you, Fati! Have a nice weekend ^_____^.

  2. Hi again,Snowy is a gem to me and until I posted this photoI didn't realize how ROYAL my boy really is.. :)he is a KING well at least around my house he is 😀

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