I long for clever words to fall from my lips,
they're in my mind, I can hear them.
It seems that every word gets jumbled and tossed
till pretty soon,I just fear them.

I long for a song to burst from my soul, the music is there I can feel it,a soft ,lilting tune,like the call of the night, but my words they cannot come near it.

I long for a moment of absolute bliss…where my words flow like sweet summer wine,
the song I will sing will echo and ring ,and the world will stand still just to hear it.

I long for a world filled with kindness and grace,with love which shines as bright as the sun.
A sun which glistens and shimmers with words yet not spoken and songs that have yet to be sung

with love,

23 thoughts on “Longing

  1. Hey….that's my poem !!!!! I like that you used it, its ok with me….those pictures ore HOT !!!! :yikes: :yes:

  2. Hi CAt.I forgot where I found it from LOL sorrythanks for telling me I was trying hard to remember what site I got it fromnotice I didn't put any reference to whomwrote it I know I didnt lolthanks for allowing me to use it. silly me 😀

  3. Actually, I'm honored! I'm happy that you found it lovely enough to put it on your blog, and with such awsome artwork!!! Love ya lady !!!

  4. thanks again I sometimes start a post and keep in my notesand this was in my notes but couldn't remember where I found the poem.. I can't wait NOT to be brain dead lollove you too

  5. every time I came to visit ur blog there's always something to inspire me. This one jumps off the scale he he. Provisiat…..nice to 'see' you Fati 🙂

  6. Hi sis, when i read the poem, i was also wondering where i ever read it before, then i saw Cat's comment…now i remember lol. Nice match with the pictures and the music sis :up: :love:hi Cat..nice poem.. :yes: you are a good poetess.. :flirt:Hi tori, nice to see u here. Ladies..did u know that Tori just married? 😀

  7. Hi all, Congrats Tori, and many good wishes for you and your new bride!!!! Thanks Suke, nice compliment on the poem :love: Ive always believed art isnt art until its shared, and along time ago, I had asked Fati to post it for me because my typing was bad and she has such an eye for things like this. I think thats y she had it in her files. I just want to know where did she get those pictures !!!!! :sherlock: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  8. HI All,Thanks for all the humor 🙂 Sis you always put a smileon my face and I miss that.Tori congrats to you and your new bride may you have many long years together and a bunch of kids :)thanks Tori for the wonderful words you said about my blogThanks to Cat too for allowing me to be forgetful too.

  9. Your welcome Tori :up:miss u too sis. I think u are just like me. I am easily to forget too..lol :heart:try googling them Cat. Sometimes i found great pictures there hahahaha :yes: :heart:

  10. Its easy..just do a google search on images instead of sites € you'll get pictures. Than you can look thru them, click on the one you like, and it will give you the option of going to the site or to see a larger image. Just click on the larger image and then you get the option to save or download. Sometimes you won't be allowed to access the pic, but usually it works. I get tons of pics that way.

  11. oh I thought you had a special site for photos,I always search for what I am alooking for Bing has good results too

  12. no special site, i just take what i want after i find them. I have used bing, but google is automatic on my phone :smurf:

  13. Me too. When i was looking for a picture and find great pictures, I just downloaded them. They will be useful someday lolhi sis, cat, :love:

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