Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe

I took a walk today at Heavens House.

I walked into different areas I have not yet seen and like Robinson Crusoe, I wanted to capture images which amazed me for the first time and think of how Robinson Crusoe felt as he placed his feet on the soil for the very first time and absorbed all the beauty which surrounded him.

Walking throughout the property and reflecting on some beautiful words a beloved friend wrote to me.
I will share here with permission.

The landscape around us is part of our life, it affects so much that we do and feel. Hopefully you get comfortable with your surroundings, and really take in the sounds and the feel of everything around you.

Try not to focus on the big picture,
instead notice the little details of things.
Sometimes it is the little things that make a great image.

for example: how many ridges are there on a leaf? Do you see any animals around you? If so, pay attention to kinds of things that happens lower to the ground.

Sit down on a rock, some dry leaves,
or simply on the ground.

Walking is great exercise it will allow you to see and hear the little things. Don't let time or distance scare you. Sometimes it's the little things in life which hold the most significance and are remembered with particular fondness.

So why not celebrate these as we do the more grand events of our lives? It's amazing how focusing on the positive aspects of our lives, no matter how small, can make life just that much more special and worthwhile.

Thank you my beloved friend for giving me an afternoon
of peaceful thoughts and a short interlude with Robinson
Crusoe in mind..

always with love,

6 thoughts on “Robinson Crusoe

  1. Oh god! You say my things. I say these. Do not focus on big things, try to observe small things-it is my say. I watch smallest creatures such as smallest plants, a row of ants, water drops on leaves, so on. My wife is also the same. I think you are a scorpio, I mean your d.o.b is in November, right?

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