11 thoughts on “Remote Kontrol

  1. Oh! I loved this ! I saw it on the show, and I got chills too, that little man is amazing, the way he can lock his body…he's got so much talent!

  2. Hi Cat..I know when I watch it I freeze from the chillsit's amazing and the song is soooooooooo cool thanks for watching it again :)hope your 4th was a good one.. xxoo

  3. I like that they kept their word about having him on the show, and they did an amazing job ! I had a busy weekend, yay, Drake was in the parade w his mentor, so I watched that, we had a big cookout, watched fireworks and all in all I had a great weekend! And how bout you?

  4. yes I was happy they did keep their word too he deserves it.My weekend was quiet as usual.. just swimming and then the 4th I went out with my 2nd daughter for lunch and shoppingit was a nice day 🙂

  5. Hey, did you know Russell has his own youtube channel, he goes by guttaakabigrazor, and he has all kinds of stuff on there. I miss him bein on SYTYCD…I still watch it but I'm not as in to it as last season. Don't you have a channel on there to? I do..misskittycat8.

  6. Hi Cat.. no I didn't know he had a channel there.yes I have one too I will check out your page and add you to my list so you know where I am on YT I just checked I couldn't find you there only one other person with your ID

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