Healing .. Happy EID

After the past week in the news..
This video shows the only way to heal.

I don't understand the media any longer how they make NUTS
FAMOUS and good people go unnoticed..

This world is going backwards not forward..


19 thoughts on “Healing .. Happy EID

  1. That is so true but for the media and eveyone that reads and watches good is boring and nutty is interesting and fuuny, and the media makes more money off the nutty and crazy lol.

  2. Lets hope the Media will calm down after today9/11 is one day we don't have to pound into our already over loaded memories.. I am sure tomorrow they will go back to theNUTTY Jones.. I wonder if he is related to theother extremist whom had all drink tainted kool aid ?

  3. 9/11 is one of the most worst things to ever happen in history but for me its also a happy day for it is my nephews birthday. To all those people that have lost family threw that tragidy I give my most sencerity condollances to them.

  4. Hi again,yes and again the media won't let the wounds healI heard they are already planning for the 10 yearanniversary of 9/11.. I am not insensitive to this day, just trying to heal from it and being Muslim.. trying to restore the trust which took so many yearsto gain and now due to the NUT and the eventsit will take longerthanks for commenting

  5. Hey Fat. Yes it has been awhile. The 911 thing isn't any different than one bad person on a motorcycle doing very stupid things that gives all bikers a bad name.Not all people who are Muslim are bad. I can certainly understand what you are going through. It is very sad that many people behave they way that they do. For me it's the celebration of Thanksgiving. The real story of Thanksgiving is not taught. Instead it is sugar coated with lies.May healing come to you despite the media.

  6. Thanks again for sharing as you have always done.. and you are so right .. most people take not giveand when you come across a giver it's hard to believeit's real.I had my car worked on and a new guy was there I haven't seen before as I left he said to me in a scary tone,"HAVE A NICE DAY" ……… I had a feeling he did somethingto my car.A few days later I went to buy tires and they told me the sway bar was disconnected from my drivers wheel.I am not saying he did it however, it really sent me a red flag when he said it that way.. I am always on alert.. hate being this way and I won't change my name back .This is America where we are suppose to be free and free to live as we will as long as we don't hurt anyone.Go figure.

  7. That is scary.I believe angels look out for us and are our helpers. I believe your guardian angel certainly was looking out for you and you did not end up in a nasty accident.It seems we live in a time where we have to be on alert to live peacefully. I don't blame you one bit for not wanting to change your name back. You shouldn't have to.I am a giver and find people only out for the take sad souls. I am very fortunate to have a few friends that are truly great to know and are a blessing in my life. You are one of those special people on the planet. I consider myself honored to have you as an internet friend.Hold your head up high my friend and don't let the ugly get you down. 🙂

  8. thanks :)I went to the place where the guy said that to me and askedmy friend whom is the manager there if he thought this guy was ok and he said he felt he was saying that due to finding meHOT LOL… well that's not the way to get that kind of message across lol.. scared was more like it and I told my friend that too.

  9. Hi Sis,I miss you here too and happy to see a note from you.I always miss you and seeing you are FB is greatjust not the same 😦 I hope your EID was a great one.:heart:

  10. Thanks sis. It was great. We had 3 days holiday so we went to our familys house and eat many foods :)yes. Its not the same. I miss all of that too. But you will always in my heart :flirt:

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