Hachiko, A Dogs Story

We sometimes take the love of our pets
for granted.. We sometimes push aside
the importance of their attention and love.

I just watched this movie "Hachiko" and found myself
looking over my past list of beloved pets.

I was so fortunate to have many "special" pets
and which were also members of my family.

This movie is based on a true story..
the story was in Japan and the US has made a movie
based on the Japanese version..

Yes.. I cried and from reviews no one can watch this
movie without tears.. The Heartstrings get pulled
and twisted around so tight the tears are the only
way to release the emotions..

I forgot to mention the music.. fantastic !!!!

American Version

Here is the Japanese version:

Song in the Japanese version is sung by:
Within Temptation

the full movie is on http://www.stagevu.com just bring
a box of tissues with you 😥

Always with love,
and Tears..

9 thoughts on “Hachiko, A Dogs Story

  1. 😥 😥 Agreed!! I didnt know it's a Japanese story until I saw the movie (American version) in my home country! p.s. A box of tissue may not enough ….

  2. thanks for sharing ..I didn't know it was Japanese until I readthe review online .. I love the story and the praise the countrygave to Hachi.even named a square after him.:cheers:

  3. hey FATI, well for of the story really strengthens my believe in the spirit of loyalty and devotion. something that we human can indeed learn he he

  4. I know what you mean .. I have said it many times how we HUMANScan learn so much from the animal kingdom.We have free will and never do we think of " GODS WILL"there is a saying ..; " give them enough rope they will hang themeselves" .. I think this is what God had in mind when free will was offered to humans after Eve ate the apple.. 🙂

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