The Art of Racing in the Rain..

My friend, Grace sent me this link about another dog story
this time in ebook form.

Here is the video of introduction about the story line.
I have a feeling it's going to be a good read and will come
out in a movie as I read online that it was bought by
Patrick Dempsy < Greys Anatomy star>

I also feel the story has a lesson to be learned.
Who said Dogs are not Mans best friend?

with love,

3 thoughts on “The Art of Racing in the Rain..

  1. Hello dear friend. I am glad to see that you are still writing. I hope you are doing well and that the years have been kind to you :heart: J.

  2. Hi Dave,, I think this book will be a great read I haven't read it yet however, I will.Hi JCL.. OMG it's been ages since I heard from you. :(I wrote to you asking how you are and most of all WHERE YOU ARE 🙂 I have missed you lots.I am still working my A33 off but that's mehow are YOU?:heart:Fati

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