Seduces Me

Seduces me

Everything you are
Everything you'll be
Touches the current of love
So deep in me
Every sigh in the night
Every tear that you cry
Seduces me

And all that I am
And all that I'll be
Means nothing at all
If you can't be with me
Your most innocent kiss
Or your sweetest caress
Seduces me

I don't care about tomorrow
I've given up on yesterday
Here and now is all that matters
Right here with you is where I'll stay

Everything in this world
Every voice in the night
Every little thing of beauty
Comes shining thru in your eyes
And all that is you becomes part of me too
'Cause all you do seduces me

And if I should die tomorrow
I'd go down with a smile on my face
I thank God I've ever known you
I fall down on my knees
For all the love we've made

Every sigh in the night
Every tear that you cry
Seduces me seduces me

All that you do , , , ..
Seduces me ….


12 thoughts on “Seduces Me

  1. fantastic i say. Seduction could be regarded as expression of hot feelings you have for someone and desire to get it noticed or awared. Fatimah ! am seduced too

  2. Hey all,thanks for enjoying my hard efforts in this postit's hard to find good sexy photos which are in good taste :)More to follow I hope lol

  3. The words are magnetic and seducing that i can't stop revisiting ur blog at least once in two .i wish i can have each article page by page for more publicity online for the benefit of mankinds. I pasted tell me now,broken angel on facebook and my space,my dear and friends are commending your work,now am posting seduce me ,to drag them to opera through you again. Prepare to become an editor in either US or UK national newspaper. No objection queen

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