Romantic Nature.. PPS

Romantic Nature

This PPS file was sent to me today from my dear friend

Mohamed has sent many beautiful emails which I have shared
here before.

This file is with music and full of peace. I hope
you will enjoy the beautiful feelings as I did.

With love


5 thoughts on “Romantic Nature.. PPS

  1. Very thoughtful of u fatimah,i do appreciate this memory u flash back to my spirit about my mother who passed to journey of never return this week Monday. Last year all she demanded was to perform hajj and am now thanking God because few minutes before she passed-on, on my laps she prayed that God will always provide for all my heart desire because i allowed her to go mecca. now as i was seeing the video the memory of her prayer and what she was thinking or seeing at that particular time reflected on my brain and i believed its a good sacrifice i had made to accomplished her fulfilled dream in life. You did a very good compilation hajiah fatimah. THANKS

  2. thank you and sorry for your lossyour Mom lives inside your :heart:and will always be close to you withoutyou even knowing it.. listen to her guidance and you will alwaysknow she is next to you.

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