The Last Samauri

I watched this movie today and found myself aching
from the pain of todays reality.

I was submerged into this films meaning and the
clashing of the cultures just as we live today.

Who are those countries USA included to force
their way of living onto other cultures.
They say it's for a better world however, it's only
for the means of money..

Trade agreements to ensure a flow of cash to only make
their countries more powerful and controlling.

Honor was not a part of our history abroad or on our grounds. the Native Americans can prove this. They too stood their
ground against Custer and died with honor.

This movie really reveals my words.. feel it for yourself.
I am sorry I waited so long to see this magnificent film.


The music by Hans Zimmer again is priceless, this man is a genius and all his soundtracks are valuable in the emotional
ride the films he scores gives us.

Always with love,

12 thoughts on “The Last Samauri

  1. Recently I had seen a TV news in my city, a Japanese old man died in China (over 100 yrs old), actually he was a soldier sending to China during the 2nd world war, he had not returned to his country becoz he saw the cruel act of his fellowmen during the war, so he stayed in China, and became a doctor, and he provided free services to the poor patient every saturday and sunday.I have not seen this movie, only read the reviews of the film. I think no matter which country (man also), cant force their way of living onto other cultures (man)… 🙂 @Zek, :up: video

  2. Hi Meow,I loved your story and it goes so well with my poston this movie.. it's good to know some people stillchoose HONOR over being a SHEEP.. Back in the 60s people were less SHEEP as they are nowI see it in their driving and as they move among theirdaily life. saddens me for sure. Thank you again for sharing 🙂

  3. You are always welcome…does this go to the problem of "quality" of humans? I mean… generation to another…kids come from their parents, they learn from them, when they grow up, they are affected by their surroundings in different stages, this forms their value of life etc.I dont know the western countries, but in my place, I can see there are young couple, or even some matured parents, they dont even know what they value for, how can they teach their child, and what kind of parents the little child will become in the future? :p Sorry for my poor english, I hope you will understand what I mean, anyway, I love this post :yes:

  4. ummmmmmmm ! Hajia ,i love the way you relax and replenish. I now know ur secret of beauty and not getting :wine: :wine: ⭐

  5. Hi Meow.I understand your point and your english is great :)yes Parents use to teach Honor especially in the Easterncultures however, in USA they teach honesty and yetthey themselves lie lool go figure.

  6. These are dangerous times we live in, so much apathy in the world and nobody wants to take a stand. I love this movie and watch it all the time. Mostly because the hero( Cruse) is wallowing in self hate and booze, yet embraced a culture and a people that taught him the value of living a life worth fighting for. We could all learn from his lessons. Its a beautiful and powerful story.Plus the actors are hot lol….

  7. Hey Cat.. I know what you mean :Da long time ago many stood for their rights and beliefsand now we all just plod along trying to get throughthe day in one piece. I relate to this movie on my own level. living in Egypt and learning a new culture and realizingthere are so many cultures and yet in USA we onlyabsorb 1.. our own.. That lead oriental man was SMOKING HOT 😀

  8. Hajia the good motivator. 😆 😆 its good watching someone's mentor closely and follow the path. Sincerely speaking,i did not reserve much interest or taking films viewing as means of replenishment until now and friends and my workers asked the kind of medication i changed to because i look relief /stressless and more handsome. But onething i realised is that i drink and eat more while behind the screen,is that a good attitude,queen?

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