l Grace did it again sent me a wonderful video
to share in my blog. A must see and with open eyes..
Thanks Grace.


4 thoughts on “Infinity

  1. Sorry I'm not there to help…… is good exercise, tackle it a bit at a time.After many years of shoveling, I finally purchased a large snow blower for those really tough storms.Shovel for a bit, go in, get warm, put your feet up and drink a warm beverage, relax and then do it again.Keep smiling.:coffee:

  2. not sure what it is for but I love the tech partand the creative mind behind it thanks for viewingnow come and help me shovel the snow lol

  3. I am hoping the guys who were here did some for me butknowning them they didnt :(thanks for the advice will do a bit at a time the sun is coming out so it might be over 🙂 yayy

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