Wisdom of the Wolves

A friend sent me this link and after
seeing the power of the Egyptian people
this video brought a light to my heart.

Rudyard Kipling said, " the strenth of the wolf is the pack.
The strength of the pack is the wolf."

These words held so true for the people of Egypt.
Banning together as ONE and determined to have their
voices heard has lead them out of the darkness they were
being held captive for over 30 years
under the Murbark dictatorship.

This video is very empowering and gives one so much to
think about in general life situations.

Enjoy and feel the power..

Wisdom of the Wolves

With love,

12 thoughts on “Wisdom of the Wolves

  1. Hi Akhtar,sorry you can't see the video I know some phones canI guess yours is not one of them :(yes now the truth comes out about how rich he isand now much money he stole from the US whom was supportingtheir military.. his money is frozen now so we'll see what happens.

  2. good question no one kept track of his financial affairsand infact. the USA never keeps track of any monies sent to other countries for AID.. meanwhile they keep trackof monies the people of the USA sent outside USAgo figure that logic out LOL

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