Shimmering Star

Shimmering Star

Feb 18th, a New York Policeman, Det. John Falcone
was doing his job.. protecting.

He worked in the area where my daughter and her son
lives and of course when I heard the news I was upset.

Upset from the reasoning behind the shooting..
the question came to mind..WHY?? Rare for a cop
to be killed in this area also..

On Thursday February 24th,
Thousands attended the service, roads closed,
minds driven to reflect on such a man, a hero..

Domestic dispute .. husband, wife, children..
The husband shot his wife while she sat in their vehicle, possibly more than once. He was holding their 3-year-old child and waving a gun when Falcone came upon him.

Falcone took the 3 year old from the man and at that point
Additional officers arrived and a struggle ensued, Welch fired his weapon twice, Falcone was shot once in the head and Welch shot himself. Welch was ordered multiple times to drop his weapon.

Detective John Falcone.. 18 year veteran, the hero,

now a Shimmering Star

I didn't know John however, I think I can speak for everyone
when one good man falls .. we all lose a good man.

Rest with God John, may you watch over your family
where you are and know many hold you in their hearts.

In peace and light,



6 thoughts on “Shimmering Star

  1. This is a shame, my heart goes out……….I am thankful that dedicated people serve and protect the rest of us putting themselves in harms way.I couldn't do it……RIPFair winds and following seas.

  2. Hi Dave,one of the worse parts to this story is..the family who were involved in all thiswasn't from this area they were from a townnorth of this place where I also work.the police are trying to understand why theywere in Poughkeepsie just think if they weren't there John wouldstill be alive. thank you for your prayer

  3. hmmm teally a bad one hmm its really depressing tht th incident actually made many bad consiquenceth chid is made orphan john has his family ,,how shud thy recover hmm nation loses a brave and a good person :worried: its good ,a thout tht dead, bcom stars .so tht every millions may see thr lost loved ones before going to a depression. We may not get thm but thy r really shining and saying smthing ' achieve me '. 😦

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