Spy Plane Footage a Ride to Remember

I just had to share this video.. it's totally amazing
and really proves how beautiful our world is amist
the horrors we see daily.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.. I did 🙂

8 thoughts on “Spy Plane Footage a Ride to Remember

  1. Pretty Dang cool, hell of a way to get high! After watching this I think it's time I turn in my ticket to ride……..Thanks for posting. 😀

  2. wow ,,,:eyes: amazing its truely is…Fatimah thanks ..I really enjoyed it. A step by step rise in height ,those views ,breath taking it wud have been . hmm really those spectacular view and amazing looks wil and may amaze every person i think ,,,the blue slim line on top of atmosphere ,,great view,,..hmm leave it these words are really less to express tht excitement thy wud have felt thr ..world is amazing ..thanks agian ,for making me re realize it thru this video . Wish some day my eyes get to see this , and heart get to rejoice have a nice day .

  3. wierd right right ,:o ,but liquified food can be eaten ….a pipe squeeze.and also pressure of atmosphere wud be low ,,no oxygen thy cant remove thr suit nor thr helmet i think.hmmm what evr may be th height thy flying ,thy cant escape from this earth in tht speeds of flying .

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