A friend sent me a video of Ismael Lo
and I went to YouTube and found this one..
Relax and enjoy with love of Nature. Fatimah


11 thoughts on “Africa

  1. AFRICA a beautiful natural world in itself in this lovely world,,, …My wish also there someday i got to tour africa …Ya video like this can only be made by a native, and the song and music is so natural to its land .;) :happy: i liked this video ,thanks fatimah Nature in its Natural Form

  2. thank you and I have always wanted to see the Africa which is in this video and experience the raw naturethank you for enjoying the music as well as video

  3. Africa. Proudly of you. Africa is the only biggest continent on the earth. Because is only Africa that has had many things to do, to see, to have and achieve. Thats why it served as multi-purpose of the earth among continents. PROUDLY!!!

  4. Yes! Is it. Etymologically, everybody from arround the earth was linked with Africa possitively or negatively.Since you can find any type(s)/kind(s) of humanity…,…,…

  5. Africa est " le berceau de l'humanité " in coming back in our origines, we can understand the true of the world système. Africa is a Magic Land because is true life here, because the sky is covering our hairs, giving to us the notion of freedom.even poor, people are smiling, strong, courageous.they are free when a stranger come to them, even if they have an other programm, they respect the part of "hasard", and manage their time with what God show to them on their way day after english is not very good , hope you can anderstand me … hi !About Music Fatimah, please try to find Souleyman Faye he sings " Ne me quitte pas " genius too

  6. Hi Chris,you are so right about Africa it's the landof magical places and people.I will try to find that music you suggestedI am sure I will enjoy it 😉

  7. i like Souleyman Faye , his special voice meet him in the Gambia ,he is very good manas now i'm in a bird concert in my garden , its magic too !

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