Along Route 7 A Road Traveled

Driving Music

It was a great day on Friday, the end of a long week
and the weather was great considering it's going to be
raining and cloudy for 5 days in a row.

I had to work in southern Ct this day and the roads I travel
on are laced with trees and flowers and historical places.

With the window open I could smell the cedar and the wet ground scents.. I only wish I had the time to walk around this park and enjoy the water fall and the view.

The Appalachian Trail runs through this area and is a location
that people come from all over to hike.

When reaching the top you can see why they travel from
far away to enjoy this view.. Imagine waking to this?

Then I get into the city part which isn't like a huge
city but more congested with traffic and when it rains
it floods really bad and this is what happens..

When traveling to this area for work I have to watch the weather first so I don't get re-routed like I did before.
More time and much more gas.

Going back home I pass this again.. and it makes me
feel happy to be out of the madness and back to nature.

I hope you enjoyed the ride,


11 thoughts on “Along Route 7 A Road Traveled

  1. Thanks Mickey,The last time I was walking there was when a friendfrom Belgium came for a visit and we walked up the fallsit was a great day 🙂

  2. wonderfull ,,,really winsome drive experience ,cool touch .,.. ya u shud go and see again .. whn we walk thru th steps of th ways whr we once travelled long back and seeing those again and feeling it really makes something special like …hmm cant explain its so … ,,:happy: filled.I assume u wil enjoy tht day . have nice days Fatimah

  3. Turn the music up, roll down the windows and smell that beautiful Appalachian air lol…just thought I'd come along for the ride!

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