Free As A Bird

Free as a Bird

I haven't heard from my beloved friend Mohamed from Syria
in a few weeks.

Mohamed always wrote me weekly usually on Fridays when he
was off and now with all the problems in his country he
can't connect to me.

May 16th he wrote this in part I will share..

My beautiful Fatimah, I hope my message will find you well and healthy .Thank you always for your caring toughts and your kindness.Thank you for being the person you are:kind and thoughtful,sensitive and considerate,a generous person.Your loving heart shows its caring in your every thought and feeling.I am fine and always surrounded by somefamily members. I can't not visit my home town as usual because military holds many cities under siege and tight control.The internet ,cell phone and text-messaging are frequently blocked.As I know the regime is scrutinizing its contents in order to prevent activists from using it in organising protests and informing the world ouside.I was not able to check my email because the regime blocked the email service and some social networks even when the internet is working . the Authorities enable text messaging especially when they want tosend their warnings to people threatening them for the consequences in participating in demonstrations. However I hope I will contact you in the right moment.

Today.. I walked down to my car and on top of my car sitting was this most beautiful Red Cardinal Bird.. Male..

He was looking at me as if he knew me and at that moment
I was thinking of Mohamed sending me this beautiful bird
as a sign that he too was thinking of me at this very moment.

I was going to take a photo however, he flew away as I got closer..

The song inside this post was sent to me by Mohamed also
as he would always share a song I haven't heard before
and write me such beautiful emails.

Free as a bird .. I wish this for Mohamed, and free
as a bird was this beautiful Red Cardinal..

With Love and hope,

19 thoughts on “Free As A Bird

  1. Hope your friend is OK. Seems like we must all pray for the people of Middle East right now, Jews, Christians, Muslim, or secular alike.

  2. thank you all for your wishes and prayers.I gave him my phone number and asked him for hishowever, I didn't get it and he hasn't callednot sure if the mobile service is workingall I see is what the media shows. love you allFatimah

  3. hope you'll see Mohamed strong and free all of those waring times are injusticewe want it to stopevery people must live egalall love

  4. Yes he has written last Friday and here is part of his email.. he writes such beautiful emails and doesn't want to burden me with the horrors of his country struggles.PASTED,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Concerning the situation in my country ,the brutality of regime ist beyond description, beyond imagination.The regime is waging war against its own peoplepeople.He tourtured even the children and the women and families of activiststo death and mutilated bodies ans systematuc tourture become regulater pratice of this mafia regime and its supporters.I really don't want to bother you any further.Believe me, nothing on earth is given without labour, even love, the most beautiful and natural of feelings.I wish you happiness–The kind that's deep within your soul and shines through your eyes.I wish you serenity and a sense of perspective that calms you and lends you understandingin the most difficult times.

  5. too hard ! who can comment this ?who can do all those crimes stop ?who can help ?pray for peace,for Mohamed,all suffering peoplesave the humanity

  6. thank you Chris.. his emails are full of life and beauty and so much caring and all amist his struggles.He is my hero .. Prayers are needed. as I told Mohamed,. they don't show to much about this in USA why? I don't know

  7. i anderstand very well he is a hero surely …you know in Europe or USA people are not so much informed about such things cause its not their interest. we call it "rétention d'informations" They have to keep their own vision for their people. politique is a big stuff! and very delicate to abord these king of problems in the world.its so délicate ! every country is looking for his interest.shame shame shame…and sorry sorry sorry…

  8. I find that the media in USA only report on things which will draw to their news programs.. I also feel there is a hush hush on this country for some strange reason what it is I don't know but I am sure the US govenment put a gag on the media on reportingabout Syria. I find it odd that the media was reportinglots on Libya and yet the same things are going on inSyria and they are not concerned? Thank you Chris for your caring..

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