Fields of Furtune

Fields of Furtune

Today I rec'd many emails over flowing with beautiful
music and images and of course Mohameds..:heart:

I was so happy to finally see his emails which tell me
that he is ok and the net is working on and off..

My dear Fatimah, I hope things are going well for you and your family.Across the ocean I am sending you waves of peace ,love and beauty to surround you in form, in colour, in perfume, in harmonious sound, filled with wishes to impart, and wrapped in the silver lining carrying my best wishes and thoughts from my heart to you.

As you know the violence in my country is getting worse which lead to continuous disruptions
in all fields including the judicial system my work field. I don't want to bother you with the details of current situation.
Some of them are sensitive informations not to tell you via e-mail.
Maybe out Of ugliness,violence comes lessons of humanity.
I see this as an attack on the beautiful by the ugly.
The dark side is that when ugliness attacks beauty, the ugliness is made uglier.
The bright side is that the beautiful is made more beautiful.

In between these two forces, I feel myself forced to capture and feel a moment in time,
and at the same time to make sense of good amid a background of evil, to make sense of beauty amid
a barren wasteland of ugliness.

I added the photos..

With all the horrors going on around him, Mohamed still pours from his heart beautiful words and positive thoughts and always offers peace and love and well being.

The song was sent from Mohamed as well .. we share the same taste in some music and Secret Garden is our all time favorite.

as Mohamed would always sign off..
In Peace and Love,

9 thoughts on “Fields of Furtune

  1. Oh god don't believe a dictatorship will be unable to trace you. Even the so call good guys do that to distraction.Hi Fatima.Sorry not to have posted to any of your threads. I was just going through my friends lists when I found this.We get wrapped in our own small lives and forget how incredibly small the universe is in reality.

  2. Hi Weather Lawyer you are so right.. the world is smaller than ever beforedue to the internet and the social communities Nice to hear from you again don't be a stranger ok?

  3. I have not had internet access for a while and so my ability to keep up has been limited. You lose track of things you followed or were interested in. I still don't have enough to look at heavy bandwidth stuff but I found you in, of all places, my friends list.So how are you?

  4. I am pleased you gained back your internet 🙂 I am sure you have missed the window to the world.I have kept my photos limited since it eats up bandwidthand I know I don't like to wait for a photo to loadeven though mine are worth waiting for . I am fine and trying to keep the spirit of fall not winter .. yuck.

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