A Mistake Worth Making

Forgotten Moss

I had a lot of work this week finally, and one area I
returned to service stores 2 days in the same week.

there are two grocery stores of the same chain and not
reading the address I went to the wrong one ..

As I walked past this car I noticed a small dog.
White Poodle inside with the windows only cracked open.
Being an animal lover of course I was very upset.

I went to the customer service desk and asked to have the owner paged NOW.. As I did this a lady online said, "thank you, I am here for the same reason".. Also a man there said, " I am also here for this reason."

I walked away and did the order and then realized I was in the wrong store number and proceeded to walk out.. As I did this I noticed the lady I was first talking with and said to her, " I didn't hear them page the owner of the dog"

The lady said to me, " Oh you don't know the whole story"
I said . "Tell me "

It turns out.. the man took some water out to the dog and was so upset seeing this little precious dog panting from the hot car he got the car open and took the dog out and was carrying him to the store when the owner of the car came out.

The owner was totally upset seeing her dog in his arms and starting to bitch him out and said she was going to call the police when the first lady told her, " I already did call the police and they are on their way"

As the first lady described the owner. " GETTO BITCH" I knew what she meant since the store was located in a sorta bad area and attitudes are visible.

Lots of yelling and curse words and up in the face kind of
action which I totally missed.. Thank God I probably would have gotten arrested ..

The owner drove away with another lady chasing her to make her stop so the Police can talk with her however, GETTO BITCH escaped the wrath ..

I was glad I did this store by mistake..
No one will allow this dog to suffer and I was a
part of the solution which maybe was why I was guided
to do this store by error..

I am sure this owner will be aware of people watching
her dog if locked in a car again and be assured this dog
will be taken from her next time .. I only pray there
won't be a next time ..

I am so happy there are more people being aware
of animals and kids locked inside cars now and preventing
deaths of these innocents whom are not FORGOTTEN.

Thank you for reading and please do your part

Always with love,


20 thoughts on “A Mistake Worth Making

  1. Hi Andy,thank you for reading my story and sharing your link.it's a wonderful whale tale and you know how muchI adore those :):heart:

  2. it's not just in Somila it's in any country and yes in USA too there are kids locked in cars and die from not air.. We can only do what we can and to whom we canSomila has been an issue for many years and no onecountry cares now all of a sudden they care I wonder how much oil is in that country?

  3. in sumalia its so different fr0m usa or any other c0untry.s0me auth0rs claim that m0thers have to ch0ose which kid to feed and let other kids to die!!!add to that a damned WAR. H0pe u undstand that i d0nt mean 2 ign0re the case ab0ut "kids l0cked in cars" ….i mean that we really have to WAKE UP.

  4. I do understand I have been following Somali for many years and living in Egypt they were refugees in Cairo as well and a lawyer friend of mine was helping them get Asylumin Cairo. But you have to understand its not just in Somali it's in many countries like Hati and Congo and countries wherethe ruler is a dictator.. Even in Egypt the conditonsare sad.My blog is full of issues to bring awareness to humansto wake the hell up .. 2012 isn't far off and then they will say I SHOULD HAVE 😦 thank you for caring it means a lot to me to feel your passion

  5. yah ,i know .and in egypt its t0tally diffrnt case. As nw we cn see the c0rrupted m0ney . Hundreds of milli0ns fatima .it pr0oves we r n0t p0or c0untry.

  6. true ! its not only whith the dictatory governments a lot of people doesn't have access for health and not enough to eat for the dog in the cars it shows people are not conscient by now crasy world really if you have a rose in your garden, you are responsable of this rose ! s' exupery "le petit prince"everybody might read this wonderful book!thanks Fatimah

  7. the USA gives money to many countries and they never follow where it goes.. and of course it goes to the leaders of the countries not the people for whom it was intended.Now the USA have given MILLIONS to Somila and we can only pray it goes to the people we will never know just like Hati billions were given there and they are still living in tentswhy?

  8. yes I know but USA needs to start taking care of USAthis country is going down really fast.. and yes, I know it's not the same as Somila however,many lives here are being taken from suicide from people losing their jobs and homes and families.

  9. That is so true Fatmah. USA need to check out its problems,especially teens. This is affecting them big time. She better strike while the iron is still hot.

  10. Hi all,yes Chris is right the world is full of miseryand it's getting worse as the world spins out of control.. we have to take it day by day and try to showkindness and maybe it will catch on

  11. Hi Chris,thanks for asking,the day has been challenging but so far so good for my area.. no power outage as of now. and just rainand rain and rain.. many have flooding however, not where I am .

  12. humans sometimes suffer because of humans craziness ,,,, but animals shoukd not die because of humans laziness and ignorance ,, we cannot save everything ,but adore and smile at the one who saves and saved a life. its all i can say …Fathima little late i read this blog ,but a good one,and truly good job

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