The Day The World Stood Still


It was the most perfect day as I kept thinking.
The sun was out and the sky was clear and the air
was fresh and all felt so right with the world.

I had scheduled work for Westchester which is not far
from New York City, my Egyptian husband came with me this
day to share time and show him what I do for my work.

We heard on the citizen band radio in my car the truckers
talking about the traffic and confusing reports about
the planes crashing into the WTC..

I put on the radio station and heard the news stating the same.
I immediately changed my route for this day. I worked closer to home and even in doing so faced so many treating myself and my husband as if we were the pilots of these planes..

I completed as much of my day as my emotions could handle
and went home and was glued to the tv for days ..
In shocked myself and my husband and the whole world
could not believe what we were seeing..

Forgiveness is hard to come by however, many have held it
into their hearts .. I thank God for this blessing.

Ten years later.. hatred is still living.. descrimination
is still thriving … but most of all .. prayers are
always in everyones hearts for those whom lost their
lives on the day the world stood still..

If we ourselves remain angry and then sing world peace,
it has little meaning. So, you see, first our individual self
must learn peace. This we can practice. Then we can teach
the rest of the world .
~The Dalai Lama

many prayers,


5 thoughts on “The Day The World Stood Still

  1. i must tell, when tose things happened i didn't want to look on the tv what i could'nt support to seei was in the market, in my africa, have seen just a few of destroyed town in the market stores all the people where stoped living on that day i thinki couldn't look at it more and …10 years after can see, have a look, face to face to this reallity i'm still very disturb, so so so sorry as most of peoplepray for the world, for a human world, a good world. god bless all of us !i thank you

  2. Thank you Mag for liking my post.Chris.. I know what you mean I saw people that day walking around like zombies totally in shock and disbelievingwhat they saw .. I hope the world can heal there is so much horror going on in all the countries.. it's like a prelude of 2012 :(thank you for sharing your 9/11 storyFatimah

  3. hmm ya ,,its very shocking …,:eek: Fatimah ,at tht year when this happened i was in my eighth std ,,and never had seen and thought also tht a buliding cud be fell like tht also:p but after tht pains and deaths i saw in TV ,was really 😦 ..wht all this and to achieve wht thy had done i stil dont understand ,,,Fatimah ,,i am sad to hear tht people saw u as a pilot ,ya people should change and see in broader perspective ,,its not any religion ,its just tht some cruel idealized men ,who make the brain storm of some innocent people to do this cruel act …this type of cruel act really should be condemned ,happened to any religion it cud be, or any country . we shud respect and strive for goodness in this world .have nice days :happy:

  4. Hi Shyam,thank you for sharing your 9.11 with meit's intesting to hear from others in other countries.well in this country Islam is seen as a terrorist religionI lost many friends after 9.11.. those with small minds.I saw people shake at the sight of my x husband on this daythinnking we were going to do something wrong.. and these are people who knew me for a long time..go figure 😦

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