It's been years since we were together.. and yet
it feels like only days when ever we meet.

I worked with Bruce back in 1986.. we became friends
with benefits however, Bruce wanted more.. I didn't.
Bruce also lived in walking distance to where I had my home
with my children at that time. I too was a bit older ..

I seem to always run in to Bruce when I am in this store
close to my house but in New York State. It seems Bruce
is always getting medicine and I am always getting vitamins.

Bruce always talks to me asking about myself and my children
and I always feel a deep caring on his part not just a surface
feeling but really caring in his words..

Yesterday, again I was speaking with Bruce and he asked again about my life.. " Are you married? dating anyone? still working as you were? How are your children..
how many grand kids do you have now? "

Then he asked a question he never asked before..
"why did I break up with him?"

I just said," we were in different places in our lives.."
I should have said..
You were 24 and I was 38 and couldn't have anymore children
and he was young enough where he would want children."
Bruce asked me at that time to marry him and I didn't want
to be married to anyone after dealing with a horrible marriage
and abusive man.. to much baggage to bring to his life.

Bruce has been married now for a while, and no children.

Odd how live deals the cards.. He was great with my kids
and they liked him too .

We gave each other a huge hug,
I gently kissed his cheek and told him I always loved him..

He has always had Adoration for me as I held the same
for Bruce..

Always with love,

28 thoughts on “Adoration

  1. hmm so great ,,,i cant say what is love . The greatest peace anyone can achieve. no boundaries of age , religion ,,,,It surely is touching to hear this story of urs Fatimah ,thanks for sharing ,,,

  2. I like the adoretion of bruce to you.I also have such adoretion for one of my opera friend,but she never like to hug an kiss me…though,we adore each others very much,howere she doesnt express as like you did with bruce…why? I dont know.

  3. Hi Sky ;)I understand what you are saying however, online adoration is much differentthan having a relationship in the flesh.I know Bruce since 1983,I do see him from time to time and we talkand hug as friends.. I love you as a friend and if you were here I wouldhug you too :):heart:Fatimah

  4. Ya,i wanted to become hugged and kissed by my nearest one,but i always feel uneasy with strangers.Is it a any kind of phobiya? 😦 🙄

  5. You are so funny, your wife loves youit's nice to know we are loved however, it's evenbetter to be with the one or ones whom love you. :heart:

  6. Eid al-adhaMore Scraps for Orkut
    happy idul adha to you and your whole family&relatives too..

    As you know fatimah,its a festival of secrifies to give up all kind of things for allah…
    I wish,may allah bless you to find prosper and wealthy life…

  7. "You are so funny, your wife loves you it's nice to know we are loved however, "….Oh! Its mean you recently realised that we loved each other?And my wife loves me,however its a nice thing to know her that we loved each other..!!..???Fatimah…dear fatimah, would you like to my divorce with her??:no: :sing:

  8. you are to funny :DI want you to love what you have and don't dwell on what you don't have .. We are friends and it's a wonderful worldto be able to have friends world wide :heart:

  9. Not only a hug but also a deep hug with keeping shut your eyes by kissing your forhead gantly….You shouldn't be confused dear,i want only a 'hug with you spritually' without having any kind of lustness,..Can you distinguish between two both thing,spritually hugs and 'hugs with having lustness'..?And which kind hugs i need from a friend? Perhas,you better know it all..:happy: 🙄

  10. Yes Sky I know the difference between the hugsand when Sis says she needs a hug we always giveeach other the comfort of a huge hugs.So huge hugs for all (((((((((((((((((O))))))))))))))))

  11. Hi Sis,thank you for always saying kind words towards meand it's so great to see you back here I missthe days of fun with you and Cat.. Facebook is not as nice as it use to be :(:heart:

  12. Thanx a lot for your huge and 'spritual hug'…Really,i strongly need such warmth thing when i find myself tired and alone.. :happy:

  13. youre welcome sis. and thanks for the hugs.sometimes i met Cat on yahoo messenger. but its not as nice as Opera. I miss those great days too 😦

  14. My dear Sky,remember, you are never alone.I am half across the world and thinkingof you as you think of your friends too.(((((((((O))))))))))

  15. Hi Sis,I don't open the messenger any more no one is on it when I do open it :(I miss those days too we use to have many laughs didn't we? :heart:

  16. I can feel the warmth of your huge hugs,…a hug,very far from milions of miles..across the half of world !!A person,with whom i can't meet live and by face to face forever,yet i get exited when i find her to thinking for me..!!Tell me dear fatimah,what kind of all these feelings are??

  17. Yeah my elder,i know that you belong across half of the world and yet,think about me…!Its a big achivment for me..!How nice and mistrious it is,to think and to realise that…..there is a person…. at the last end of this earth who think about me..!!!How exiting it is to feel !!Really,i can feel that exitment passionatly..!My friend,can you feel such 'waves of exitments'??

  18. Hi "SKY" Always nice to hear your heart.Friends think of each other no matter where they liveor what they are doing. I receieved 2 texts this week for the holiday one from China and one from Syria.. Friends so far always thinking of each other inthe time of holidays weather it's theirs or not. Feeling you are speaking about are feelings of friendship .. online or in real life they are stillthe same feelings .. knowing someone is only a click away.Hugs

  19. I read this post and it made me so sad, I know exactly what you experienced. It's not easy to love someone so much younger than you, and even harder to let go. Someone I cared about a great deal told me tonight that he needed to go the path he was meant to go…without me. i have to wonder if someday he will see me and feel the same feelings. Love is hard, no matter the age, and when you love someone you can never hope to give them what you know they'll want someday…It make's you wonder if love is really worth the pain. I think it's not.Also. I miss the old days to, when we all used to "hang out" here on opera….Sis…hugs too you all ((((( HUG ))))

  20. Hi Cat,I have found over the years of being hurt and abandoned that to have really good friends is worth more than a man with a bodyand no heart and most of all no soul.Men only want what they want when they want it and this goes for all aspects of their lives not just sexual part. When you can love yourself you will find that you are a treasureand to just give it to any one only makes yourself worthless.I have had plenty of time to reflect over my last 12 years and I had a love of a life time and I also hit bottom because of this man.. So now I put a huge price tag on my heart and if no one can afford it spiritually then they don't deserve me. How much is your price tag state? I miss our hang out days too Cat.. we had so many laughs and this is whats important the laughter and virtual hugs from our friends not fake TAKERS.. :heart:Fati

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