Garden of The Gods

Temple of Silence

I saw these photos on Saturday and they left an impression into my heart which hurt me and at the same time ..
upset me..

How can we as humans not feel anything from each photo?
How can we turn our head and make believe we didn't see situations like these in some part of our daily lives?

Many of us want to reach out and help.. how? where? These are my questions.. Money isn't everything .. I am doing my part
now .. here on my blog .. bringing to the surface the need for more human touch.. more human contact and most of all more human caring..

When is enough .. ENOUGH?? When everyone is GONE?
When will the killing stop? The torture end? When there
is no one left to TORTURE?

These photos gave me dreams last night .. the color red kept appearing inside my dream.. with people from long ago..
I don't know what it meant however, it resides inside me
now forever.

This is not the Garden of the Gods.. as it was meant to be..
this is the HELL ON EARTH as we have made it become..

Always with love,

17 thoughts on “Garden of The Gods

  1. 🙂 yup hell on earth and paradise in girls dreams 🙂 i like one saying, Fatimah its not that hell comes from bad peoples on earth its from when the good peoples stop revolting and stop doing good….And sometimes Fatimah its lovely nature only gives crisis,natural disasters ,,we cant blame then on any one .its reasons to accept and show humanity at most possible at those times.

  2. You are so right Shyam, it doesn't cost a thing to be nice to othersand yet people act like it cost them their bank accounts lol.Thank you for your wonderful words .. which I loveto read and wish to have more and more. 🙂

  3. 🙂 yup ,,,like cost them their bank account ,,,and that too swiss bank account ..:D hope all fine ,,and wish u good days Fatimah .

  4. Very impressive! "The temple of silance" !I like these pictures and the feelings what is illustrated by some impressive secens.Fatimah, peoples make heralds about such values usually,but in real,they don't pay their attention on such 'costless' feels.Perhaps,it is why…..we don't want work on such 'pay free' stuffs…because we have addicted to do work and feel only on our 'payments'.We are loosing such human qualities slowly in our fast moving lives……perhaps it is the reason which make you upset and puts some question marks for yourself! Isn't it?

  5. yes you are so right my friend,and I do try to expose our Humanity and to remindus all that there is more to the world than just ourselves. pay it forward I always say however, sometimes it stops with just the next person 😦

  6. "there is more to the world then just ourselves"fatimah,if you were as rich as ophra winfry perhaps you would not pay it forward to others! Its a fact…Only misers (peoples without money) want to pay it forward who has been passed through in such miseries!Other side, the peoples who are habitual to live in luxaries,perhaps thay can't pay such human values forward.So it stops to the next step.No need to worry friend,we should do only our part and contribution to pay it forward.

  7. Oprah pays it forward big time and she is the richest womanthose whom are not as rich keep every penny and only spendon their luxury items .

  8. I guess you are a fan of oprah winfry!Just remember,once i compared you as her 'lady bodyguard'…! And you deserved to become as rich as she was?

  9. ….and still she wouldn't add you in her security protocoll ,because it needs over to 500 ponds body weight with over to 6 feet physical hight!Its a old tredition of american celebrities,to have such 'wrestler' and over weighted type guards for their security!And i know,you were not so over weighted ever, then how it would be possible for her to add you in security protocall? 😆 😆 😆

  10. Fatimah!I have just seen you in 'spring photos' which you sent…thats all are cutest really! Almighty God given you the 'innocent beauty'…..such a beautiful personalty as every one deserve to be find in their prayers from almighty! I am not so gifted by the God grace..therefor,i am a jealous little bit!

  11. Fatimah…dear!I am not hiding behind the 007 tree,but there is a pair of 'nuts' who havn't any work except to follow me,that natives think they are the 'new addition' of cene conary (jems bond)!..So i am aviable at my blog and inbox only from now!Thanks! 😦

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