25 thoughts on “Irish Blessing

  1. Very nice my elder!Some willings and prayers from an eight year Irish girl….i can feel her appearances here!An innocent irish soul with gray eyes and brown hair who had to work hard for herself….still she raises her hands for pray others with her wide and everlasting smiles!I like her appearance!

  2. I am not so insightful even sometime i can't see inside myself:happy: if you miss one…its your affection from a kindful heart!Perhaps,the peoples who are so poor economically that they can't pay their basic bills of daily expences…….i think such misers are more stronger to have such insightfulness!

  3. Because you are related to an ancient arabian consonant (secnd last consonat of hibru scirpt….lam alif hamza!).So you were missed.

  4. Alfanso well stated.. thank you for always seeing inside of me and othersit's people like you who get it and selfish peoplenever get it 😦

  5. Yah fatimah,there are some 'selfish' peoples!This word reminding me something missing part of my past…Thanks God i am not so selfish and free from such infection!Thanks you too….to include me in such persons!:happy: :happy:

  6. Shukran my elder to have such 'trust and faith' on me!I will try my best to pay such priceless values forward through my posts….though i have to start it from myself first!The past tought me enough about it!Thanks again my elder, you have given me the theam to write something impressive…..perhaps its related to my originalty too!

  7. It has happened! And you are invited to have a look on my blog.I don't want put here the whole thing!We can talk there in open air freely!I hope,you will like my gift what i have to share with you!Take care!

  8. I also enjoyed your urdu words what you write to me…as like, "masha allah,shokran and jazeeland"!But dear,i couldn't find the proper means of jazeeland on google translater!Would you like to tell me the meaning?Is it anykind of welcome note or a peice of a island where most of 'spritual type creaturs' are rehabliteting?If they are,i would like to stay among them! 🙄 😆

  9. I might have spelling it wrongJazzeeland means very much I learned some High Arabic in Egyptas well as the Egyptian Arabic

  10. …then ok! Shokran jazzeeland you too!As far as i know,the egypt is a country of mummies,mistrious pyramids and a ancient civilaizetion of neel river!I have seen one of your pic from GIZA, when you were in egypt…..its look as like as 'cliopetra' (an ancient empress of egypt) !

  11. well Egyptians have their own dialect and I love the StandardArabic it's beautiful to hear much better than Egyptian Arabic.it's like English and American English lol

  12. The standard arabic is a divine language of our sacrad Prophet…a Holy language which appeared in Holy quran through Prophet….from the almighty!Its a specielity of the holy book that anyone can't change its script…even to not make any change in its word's vowles!It will remain not change able with its everlasting script forever!My elder,its a specielity of that holy language and book which can not be seen in other language and cultures!I am also enchante to that 'standard arabic'!

  13. I long to learn the standard Arabic more I was learning how to write it as well.I am thinking of finding a Mosque to connect withagain 🙂

  14. It has only 30 consonants in that language,and each can be change by diffrent vowles..!There are many sites to learn it…".Islamic Expressions – Religious Phrases"…you can practice here to improve your word power and to learn right ways of prayers.Insha-allah, you would be benifited nicely!There is only a need to keep continoue your intrest to learn …when you find the free time!Just start its learning by saying 'Bismillah'…!:happy:

  15. I do speak Arabic in prayers however, it is hard to do aloneand in Egypt I too was alone most of the time 😦 so it was hard to try to converse and when I was with others they wanted to learn English 😦

  16. They might be curious to learn English because of its 'global importance'!Just recall our first meets,you were got upset to see my broken English and you told me that one of your 14year grand child was much better in English then me! I also have been alon here since oct10…expect you! On one was there to improve and practicise my languases yet,i am trying to learn it constantly.Actually,it depends one's intrest that how much fondness he has to learn something new!

  17. it was so hard for me to learn Arabic due to they wanted the english more and was always promising me to teach and never did

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