How Many Times?

Shine Through The Stars

How many times have you seen it and yet have not reconized it?

How many times will you be lead to it.. and yet not arrive ?

Messages come in many shapes, venues, inpirations and yet
you turn from them or fallen deaf on the chance to hear .

Life is before us all and yet our backs are turned to all the life
which surrounds us daily..

Take the challenge, face your fears and face life ..


40 thoughts on “How Many Times?

  1. Well everybody lives in reality ofcourse no matter what. . .fantasy is a just a way of ignorance from real life at certain moments. .

  2. I agree with your words but ask yourself why do a lot of people take drugs is it to forget reality and enter fantasy or the other way round and yet we live in a beautiful world, where do they want to go?

  3. Well because not everyone is living a blessed n serene life they face hardships they feel they can bear no more so they try to step towards fantasy on a broken string . .. Where as what i meant. . it doesn't mean if ur living a blessed life u shouldn't fantasize. . I think a little bit of fantasy can also illuminate ur real life with a rainbow.

  4. Hi fatimah, I agree with your words that not everyone leads a charmed life, my religion teaches that while we are in life it is a dream and then when we pass over then reality begins for we see our entire life played out and we judge ourselves on whether to be reborn to put things we did wrong right

  5. Yes for many many life times and each time you try to live a better life than the last, you don't remember your previous life or maybe odd bits, then once you have learned all you can there is no need to be reborn and you become guides for people trying to help them achieve the same but do they listen

  6. Hmm i respect ur belief. . well i believe that there is only one life to live and that its now. . Then when we die there's the final abode where we get reward for our good deeds or punishment for our bad deeds. . And then its heaven or hell

  7. As I respect yours, in a sense there is one life that you live and you do the best you can but some of the troubles you go through are what you chose before you were born, so when you die you see everything you have done and how to improve, to be better, some people like me can remember living before so we must have multiple lives as we strive to be like Jesus or what you believe in, really enjoying this talk. Irene

  8. The belief of reincarnation is contrary to the belief of resurrection and doomsday which is proved by all divine religion as well as by science.Reincarnation is just an assumption a theory a doctrine with no firm evidence from the divine.Firstly if u say that it serves justice then what about that soul who didn't reach to perfectiรถn until the doomsday?Secondly reincarnation says that an evil doer is passed over to a lower form of life after death. .they will know the consequence of their former life, (where as world was created as a test and trial so that the soul can benefit thereby. . ) life as a test loses it meaning. To get around this its adherents say that the soul forgets it past existance. If this is true, whats the point of former life?Long and tiresome cycle of rebirth is contrary to God's mercy, favor, grace, forgiven. . And reward n fine. .. .A man does not only perform deeds through his soul, actions are carried out from body too. . .is it justice to decompose the body forever and just focus on the soul?

  9. The devine books states that the sins will be forgiven due to sheer repentance. The point of reincarnation is to work off those sins in order to obtain a better re-birth. . Is it not more logical to believe in the ability of God to forgive as he wills? Rather than going through this seemingly unending and cumbersome process to achieve the essence. . the same results? Likewise we hear worst cruel rogue people or tyrant leaders reforming themselves into a better life after embracing or getting introduced to certain religion, by the favor of God people rise easily and summit even if they were apparently bound to hell? Doesn't this doctrine of souls graduating towards higher level of being seems unnecessary. Indeed such a doctrine might actually weaken any incentive to a moral effort.

  10. But don't you see that in a sense you are part in agreement with what I said earlier, god does forgive us all the time but do we forgive our selves. If all sins were just wiped away with no thought would not a lot of people just reoffend but if we have to keep working at being pure we are taking responsibility for ourselves. Otherwise why should anyone be born or die. We each follow God in our own way and in each religion there is a part that anyone of another religion can take and learn from. After all we are all on the same pathway its just that we think differently. Irene

  11. In death the body rots , its just the overcoat that is used while alive, it is the soul that travels on, didn't Jesus rise from the dead and show Himself to the disciples

  12. Sins are just not wiped away like that. They need extreme repentance may it take ur whole life to do it. . . Sins are either related to the rights of God or to the rights of mankind. . Those sins which affect the rights of mankind are forgiven if only the person is willing to forgive . . .Secondly through ur belief there's no value left to the rule of 'Destiny' and then again i said that life is a test according to all devine religions. . .There's only one test and one result. . No make over according to a logical belief from the devine religions because 'heaven' and 'hell' were made for a purpose.

  13. And u r right every person has his own belief to what looks right to him.According to me body and soul are intact with eachother they are equal. . .they dont exist without the other. I am not aware of the rise of jesus from the dead.It was nice talking to u ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I have really enjoyed talking to both of you and hope we continue totalk, I like interesting conversations where it leaves you thinking more of others and what they believe in. We can't always agree with each other but we can respect each others views, I have read other books on religion because I find that they open up your mind into understanding other people and what they believe. Hope we speak again soon. Irene

  15. it seems I have missed out on a conversation :)Fantasy is a way to create reality in some cases.we all have to dream in order to have goals to achieve.when you don't dream you stand still in life.I have always said." to each their own" weather it's inreligion or politics or the way of thinking.. what's good for me may not be for you and etc.Thanks for caring enough about the subject to have this wonderful conversation in my blog post.

  16. thanks a lot to three of you,specially for mis silent wish,you have come out from certain kind of 'mode status,..!Dears,we come from deffrent cultures and a certain kind of origins thouh,there is a positive thing with us….''the intelactuals can be seen similar in addition to have certain ways of thinking& treating others!!'':happy:

  17. @ alfanso : i'm honoured@ fatima , sznober : MY OPERA seems to have 'rich' Souls here ๐Ÿ˜€ Glad to meet u all!

  18. Thankyou, once again we are in agreement, I enjoy life, I'm not rich but there are many things that make me happy, I have dreams like everyone and some times a little bit of fantasy helps when the going gets rough, its knowing when reality is good and not living in fantasy too long. The conversation has been great, we may be different religions and culture but we can find a basis to be friends and that is respect. Irene

  19. I am pleased to meet you and to find that you can have a proper opinion to conversations instead of just butting in. There is a time to joke and a time to be serious. Hope to talk again soon. Irene

  20. dear silent…you also included in such 'rich souls' and to be more honoured,you have to visit your inbox regularly…ok? Thanks all and see you later

  21. Originally posted by alfanso1:

    very well said darl…sorry,may i call you darling?

    maybe this is why you are in trouble my dear friend.. this is not respectableway to speak to a lady ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  22. Originally posted by mscrypt1:

    @ alfanso : i'm honoured@ fatima , sznober : MY OPERA seems to have 'rich' Souls here ๐Ÿ˜€ Glad to meet u all!

    Thank you Silent Wish.. Opera has many good people
    and then as always some which are total pains ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  23. sorry fatimah and silent wish,i accept it is not a right way to treat anyone!Really it was my fault..sorry again

  24. " darling " is it dream or reality ?i like your conversation my people, and believe on dreams as they bring us to reality, or bring us to imagine just for feeling in a way we can exist more comfortable in ourselves.But we need to face to our truth, i think this is the way to find what about reality. ๐Ÿ’ก

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