17 thoughts on “Rumi

  1. I hope never be a stranger for you Dear…i think i was about like you 'inside the soul' in a step for reconstruction in health and home sweet home needed my garden.Here is the raining season again i thank you a lot Fatimah for your presence again

  2. Hi again, I think we are on the flip flop of the weather, here it's summer going into fall and I guessyou are going into spring?Will you post more photos of your garden? I find your words and photos and artwork really wonderful.

  3. we only have two seasons here, for the rain and for the sun, we are fully with the rain still october …but the sky is cool for the moment…small lasy with my posts in the blogi am very slow doing my things but i think about what to show and what to give Fatimah, you encourage me to look forward !You are a very kind and nice heart :coffee:

  4. I know it's hard for you to connect to the net so when you can do something on your blog it's always a treasure.I am glad I encourage you.. talent should not be silentdon't you agree? :cheers:

  5. :left: :right: :wait: :eyes: 💡 :doh: :wizard: i agree, and more than that about talent should not be silentbut i have a lot of work to do, as i did nothing !everything comes at time whatever time it takes, isn't it?Now, i am working in mind for a dream i had since i was 15th years old, a big work for me and its not easyto 'step on it ?'. don't know in english…around me, my musiciens people are on there creations too, we never stop, but the country is so difficult for doing our things…! and make them know as well.my conexion is always 'une galère' too…but we are here all together, that's great!an life goes on, we have to use our mind and soul because the world is suffering too much, and what does we do to stop that?I know you are very 'sensible ?, sensitive ?'travel as you did, as i did, is a favour from Allah to open eyes and heart we can't close them without doing anything for a best world. Only try is something so important, a treasure.:coffee:

  6. What is it that you wanted to do since you are 15?I know how much work you have and your connection is not always available.. :(Thank you for replying and sharing

  7. Hi :-)how are u beautifull lady quote is really wonderfull seems our own soul has someone precious ,,,telling to be whom we are and be for someone we love.so realizing fact..thanks , to sharing these are really wonderful lines

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