Taking Life For Granted


We in other countries where life is good and so called "NORMAL" are not feeling what others are feeling or dealing with on a day to day basis.
Egypt and Syria.. for both countries are dealing with "NOT NORMAL"

Here are so words from my dearest friend in Syria.. His words keep
me blessed to have what I do have and where I live and what I DON"T
face on a day to day basis..

Concerning the situation here,we are closing another week with the same situation of fighting ,
at the same time more closed streets for cars, more check points.

With the heat wave electricity has become our main concern. It's come on just two hours each day in best case.

It's also very hard for anyone who doesn't have a car to leave the neighborhood. Even if you do have a car, it isn't easy to get out because of the killings and kidnappings.

But there are always pockets of calm and neighborhoods where life goes on.
When I go to countryside it is incredible because there were still people working in the fields.
There were barbershops that were full. Lines of people waiting to get their hair cut. And of course
in the distance you could hear artillery rounds landing.

Maybe deep in the human unconscious we have a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.

Please pray for those whom do not live a "NORMAL" life any longer.

Love and prayers,

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