A Child of Sirius

I am a Sirian child
Sirius is where I grow up
My soul was born, before the Sirius star
The whole universe, is my home.

Every day my soul seek after the stars
And my human body, can not hold my soul much longer
I am a healer, a teacher, a star seed guide
But I am not complete ,in this human place.

My souls agreement with the higher power
Is to leave, as soon as possible
But now the universe, gave me a new blessing
But I have some trouble with, letting go

I love to live, to teach ,and to heal
But this is not my real life , here on Earth
I was done here, many lives ago
But I chose for some reason ,to do it again.

I cant let go, of being done
I miss my home, my freedom every second
I am very tired, deep inside my soul
Should I choose love, or should I choose home?!

Every day, my soul travel to the universe
To feel light, to feel my wings
To get some peace in my heart
To feel my home, so I can breath.

I pray to the universe, to guide me every day
To do my job, and nothing else
I have seen so many great things , in millions of years
So this job, is never about me.

One more time I seek for guidance
I pray that the universe, will choose this one to
I cant let go, not right now
Because my longing for my home, is just to strong.

One more time I pray
One more time I cry
One more, I got a new blessing
One more time, I need guidance.

-Skrevet af Tenna Vebert Birk – Stjernebarnets verden.

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